8.2 Configuring Clients with AutoYaST Profile

Clients can be configured to register with SMT server via AutoYaST profile. For general information about creating AutoYaST profiles and preparing automatic installation, refer to the AutoYaST Guide. In this section, only SMT specific configuration is described.

To configure SMT specific data using AutoYaST, follow these steps:

  1. As root, start YaST and select Miscellaneous > Autoinstallation to start the graphical AutoYaST front-end.

    From a command line, you can start the graphical AutoYaST front-end with the yast2 autoyast command.

  2. Open an existing profile using File > Open, create a profile based on the current system's configuration using Tools > Create Reference Profile, or just work with an empty profile.

  3. In SLE 11, select Software > Novell Customer Center Configuration. An overview of the current configuration is shown.

  4. Click Configure.

  5. Set the URL of the SMT Server and, optionally, the location of the SMT Certificate. The possible values are the same as for the kernel parameters regurl and regcert (see Section 8.1, Using Kernel Parameters to Access an SMT Server). The only exception is that the ask value for regcert does not work in AutoYaST, because it requires user interaction. If using it, the registration process will be skipped.

  6. Perform all other configuration needed for the systems to be deployed.

  7. Select File > Save As and enter a filename for the profile, such as autoinst.xml.