6.3 Report Output Formats and Targets

SMT reports can be printed to the standard output, exported to one or multiple files (in CSV format) as well as mailed to the defined list of e-mail addresses. Use the following options for the smt-report command:

--quiet or -q

Suppress output to STDOUT and run smt-report in quiet mode.

--file or -F

Export report to one or several files. By default, the report will be written to a single file, rendered as tables. Optionally, the filename or whole path may be specified after the parameter: --file filename. If no filename is specified, a default filename containing a timestamp is used. However, SMT will not check if the file or files already exist.

In CSV (Comma-Separated Value) mode the report will be written to multiple files, therefore the specified filename will expand to [path/]filename-reportname.extension for every report.

--csv or -c

The report will be exported to multiple files in CSV format. The first line of each *.csv file consists of the column names, the data starts on line two. It is recommended to use the --csv parameter together with the --file parameter. If the specified filename contains a .csv extension, the report format will be CSV (as if the --csv parameter was used).

--mail or -m

Activate mailing of the report to the addresses configured with the YaST SMT Configuration module and written in /etc/smt.conf. The report will be rendered as tables.

--attach or -a

Attach the report to the mails in CSV format. This option should only be used together with the --mail option.


The report will be exported to multiple files in pdf format.


The report will be exported to multiple files in xml format.

NOTE: Disabling Sending Attachments

If you want to disable sending CSV attachments with report mails, edit the /etc/smt.d/smt-cron.conf configuration file as follows: remove the --attach option from the REPORT_PARAMS value. The default line reads: REPORT_PARAMS="--mail --attach -L /var/log/smt-report.log". To disable CSV attachments, change it to: REPORT_PARAMS="--mail -L /var/log/smt-report.log".

If you have disabled CSV attachments but need them occasionally, you can send them manually with the smt-report --mail --attach -L /var/log/smt-report.log command.