6.1 Report Schedule and Recipients

Generated SMT reports can be sent to a defined list of e-mail addresses periodically. To create or edit this list, and to set the frequency of the reports, use the YaST SMT Configuration module. How to configure this list is described in Section 2.4, Setting E-mail Addresses to Receive Reports with YaST. Configuration of the report schedule is described in Section 2.5, Setting the SMT Job Schedule with YaST.

The list can also be edited manually in the reportEmail option of the /etc/smt.conf configuration file. For more information about editing the list of addresses directly, see [REPORT] Section of /etc/smt.conf. To set the frequency of reports manually, you can directly edit the smt-gen-report lines of the crontab in /etc/cron.d/novell.com-smt. For more information about the crontab format, seeĀ man 5 crontab.

Reports, including those created as a scheduled SMT job, are created by the smt-report command. This command has various parameters. To edit parameters used with scheduled commands, edit the /etc/smt.d/smt-cron.conf configuration file. For more information, see Section 7.2.2, /etc/smt.d/smt-cron.conf.