1.5 Migration between SUSE Customer Center and Novell Customer Center

SMT can talk to only one registration service (SUSE Customer Center, Novell Customer Center, alternatively also SUSE Lifecycle Management Server). The switch between the registration servers can be done either via a YaST module or command-line tools.

Before performing the switch between customer centers, make sure that the target customer center serves all products that are registered against SMT. Both YaST and the command-line tools perform a check to find out whether all products can be served with the new registration server. If it is not possible, the only option is to install two parallel SMT instances and to synchronize products from both SUSE Customer Center and Novell Customer Center.

To perform the migration to SUSE Customer Center via command-line, use:

smt ncc-scc-migration

If you need to revert back from SCC to NCC, use:

smt scc-ncc-migration

The migration itself is time-consuming and during the migration process the SMT server may not be able to serve clients that are already registered.

The migration process itself changes the registration server and the proper type of API in the configuration files. No further (configuration) changes are needed on the SMT.

To migrate between Novell Customer Center and SUSE Customer Center via YaST, use the YaST smt-server module.

After migration is done, it is needed to re-synchronize SMT with the customer center. It is recommended to assure that the repositories are up-to-date. This can be done using the following commands:

   smt sync
   smt mirror