1.2 Installation on Top of an Already Installed System

To install SMT on top of an already-installed base system, follow these steps:

  1. Start YaST and select Software > Add-On Product. Then click Add.

  2. If you are installing SMT from a local ISO image, select Local ISO Image as the media type (repository). If you are installing from a different source, such as CD, NFS, or HTTP, choose the appropriate type. Then click Next.

  3. If you are installing from a CD, insert the SMT add-on product CD. If you are installing from a different source, provide the necessary repository information.

  4. Confirm the SMT license agreement and click Next.

  5. Click Accept to install the SMT: Subscription Management Tool for SLE pattern.

    Depending on the scope of already installed packages, the software manager will add more packages to resolve all dependencies. Confirm these Automatic Changes to perform the installation.

  6. The SMT Configuration Wizard is launched. See Section 1.3, SMT Configuration Wizard.