8.2 slms-admin-ui-user

After the SLMS installation is complete, you need to add the first administrator account you normally use to log in to the Web-based SLMS application. Without this account, you cannot access the Web-based application. The slms-admin-ui-user command helps you create this first administrator account. The command is not limited to adding only the first administrator account—you can create as many administrator accounts as you need.


slms-admin-ui-user options

This command understands the following options:

-h or --help

Prints brief information about the subcommand usage.

-l or --list

Lists existing administrator accounts.

-c or --create

Creates one or more administrator accounts.

-o or --create-one

Creates one administrator account and exits.

-f filename or --file filename

Imports a new administrator account from a YAML-formatted file.

To add one or more administrator accounts, enter the following:

tux@venus:~> slms-admin-ui-user -c
 Creating new user...
 Name: Example Administrator
 Email: exampleuser@example.com
 Password: *******
 Repeat Password: *******

 User Example Administrator successfully added.
 Add another user? [y/n]: