3.0 Server Configuration with WebYaST

WebYaST is a Web-based remote console for controlling appliances based on SUSEĀ® Linux Enterprise. See http://www.suse.com/documentation/webyast/ for more information on WebYaST. You can use the WebYaST SLMS plug-in for both initial and general SLMS Server configuration. The module enables and disables the SLMS service, sets registration options and database and mirroring credentials.

HINT: Customizing WebYaST

You can modify the way WebYaST looks. This is useful mainly for the vendors who wish to re-paint the application to obey required corporate identity. More information on customizing the WebYaST appearance is available in the WebYaST Vendor Guide, http://www.suse.com/documentation/webyast/book_webyast_vendor/data/cha_webyast_brand_interf.html.