5.0 Appliances, Mirroring, and Creating Updates

In order to deliver appliances to the customers, it is essential to prepare update repositories. This will ensure that the customers' systems are secured and updated with the latest software updates.

This chapter is rather technical and describes a number of tasks, such as how to check whether an appliance is SLMS-ready, how to build appliances locally with KIWI, what happens during the appliance adaptation, how to administer SLMS in the command line, or how to deal with SSL certificates. Sections introduced here are not necessarily mutually related.

If you do not need more in-depth information about creating updates and want to use the SLMS Web administration, you can safely skip this chapter and go straight to Section 6.0, Web-based User Interface.

IMPORTANT: root privileges

SLMS commands can be run either by the user root or slms. You may find the slms user useful if you do not want to log in as root over the network. In that case you need to modify /etc/passwd and add a valid shell to slms. Then change its password to be able to access the account.