13.2 Changing the Country and Time Settings

Using the YaST date and time module, adjust your system date, clock and time zone information to the area you are working in. To access the YaST module, start YaST and click System > Date and Time. Alternatively, start the Clock and Time Zone dialog directly by running yast2 timezone & as user root from a command line.

First, select a general region, such as Europe. Choose an appropriate country that matches the one you are working in, for example, Germany.

Depending on which operating systems run on your workstation, adjust the hardware clock settings accordingly:

  • If you run another operating system on your machine, such as Microsoft Windows*, it is likely your system does not use UTC, but local time. In this case, uncheck Hardware Clock Set To UTC.

  • If you only run Linux on your machine, set the hardware clock to UTC and have the switch from standard time to daylight saving time performed automatically.

You can change the date and time manually or opt for synchronizing your machine against an NTP server, either permanently or just for adjusting your hardware clock.

Manually Adjusting Time and Date

  1. In the YaST timezone module, click Change to set date and time.

  2. Select Manually and enter date and time values.

  3. Confirm your changes with Accept.

Setting Date and Time With NTP Server

  1. Click Change to set date and time.

  2. Select Synchronize with NTP Server.

  3. Enter the address of an NTP server, if not already populated.

  4. Click Synchronize Now, to get your system time set correctly.

  5. If you want to make use of NTP permanently, enable Save NTP Configuration.

  6. With the Configure button, you can open the advanced NTP configuration. For details, see Section 24.1, Configuring an NTP Client with YaST, (↑Administration Guide).

  7. Confirm your changes with Accept.