6.9 IBM System z: Hard Disk Configuration

When installing on IBM System z platforms, the language selection dialog is followed by a dialog to configure the attached hard disks. Select DASD, Fibre Channel Attached SCSI Disks (zFCP), or iSCSI for installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The DASD and zFCP configuration buttons are only available if the corresponding devices are attached. For instructions on how to configure iSCSI disks, refer to Section 14.1, Installing iSCSI Target and Initiator, (↑Storage Administration Guide).

HINT: Adding DASD or zFCP Disks at a Later Stage

Adding DASD or zFCP disks is not only possible during the installation workflow, but also when the installation proposal is shown. To add disks at that stage, click Expert and scroll down. The DASD and zFCP entries are shown at the very bottom.

After adding the disks, reread the partition table. Return to the installation proposal screen and choose Partitioning then select Reread Partition Table. This updates the new partition table.

6.9.1 Configuring DASD Disks

After selecting Configure DASD Disks, an overview lists all available DASDs. To get a clearer picture of the available devices, use the entry field located above the list to specify a range of channels to display. To filter the list according to such a range, select Filter.

Figure 6-4 IBM System z: Selecting a DASD

Specify the DASDs to use for the installation by selecting the corresponding entries in the list. Click Select or Deselect. Activate and make the DASDs available for the installation by selecting Perform Action > Activate. To format the DASDs, select Perform Action > Format right away or use the YaST partitioner later as described in Section 15.1, Using the YaST Partitioner.

6.9.2 Configuring zFCP Disks

To use zFCP disks for the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server installation, select Configure zFCP Disks in the selection dialog. This opens a dialog with a list of the zFCP disks available on the system. In this dialog, select Add to open another dialog in which to enter zFCP parameters.

To make a zFCP disk available for the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server installation, choose an available Channel Number from the drop-down list. Get WWPNs (World Wide Port Number) and Get LUNs (Logical Unit Number) return lists with available WWPNs and FCP-LUNs, respectively, to choose from. When completed, exit the zFCP dialog with Next and the general hard disk configuration dialog with Finish to continue with the rest of the configuration.