Administration Guide

  Administration Guide
    Support and Common Tasks
      YaST Online Update
        The Online Update Dialog
        Installing Patches
        Automatic Online Update
      Gathering System Information for Support
        Collecting System Information with Supportconfig
        Submitting Information to Global Technical Support
        Support of Kernel Modules
        For More Information
      YaST in Text Mode
        Navigation in Modules
        Restriction of Key Combinations
        YaST Command Line Options
      Snapshots/Rollback with Snapper
        Using Snapper to Undo System Changes
        Manually Creating and Managing Snapshots
        Frequently Asked Questions
        Using Snapper on Thin-Provisioned LVM Volumes
      Remote Access with VNC
        One-time VNC Sessions
        Persistent VNC Sessions
      Managing Software with Command Line Tools
        Using Zypper
        RPM—the Package Manager
      Bash and Bash Scripts
        What is The Shell?
        Writing Shell Scripts
        Redirecting Command Events
        Using Aliases
        Using Variables in Bash
        Grouping And Combining Commands
        Working with Common Flow Constructs
        For More Information
      Using Third-Party Software
      32-Bit and 64-Bit Applications in a 64-Bit System Environment
        Runtime Support
        Software Development
        Software Compilation on Biarch Platforms
        Kernel Specifications
      Booting and Configuring a Linux System
        The Linux Boot Process
        The init Process
        System Configuration via /etc/sysconfig
      The Boot Loader GRUB
        Booting with GRUB
        Configuring the Boot Loader with YaST
        Uninstalling the Linux Boot Loader
        Creating Boot CDs
        The Graphical SUSE Screen
        For More Information
      UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)
        Secure Boot
        For More Information
      Special System Features
        Information about Special Software Packages
        Virtual Consoles
        Keyboard Mapping
        Language and Country-Specific Settings
      Printer Operation
        The Workflow of the Printing System
        Methods and Protocols for Connecting Printers
        Installing the Software
        Network Printers
        Printing from the Command Line
        Special Features in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
      Dynamic Kernel Device Management with udev
        The /dev Directory
        Kernel uevents and udev
        Drivers, Kernel Modules and Devices
        Booting and Initial Device Setup
        Monitoring the Running udev Daemon
        Influencing Kernel Device Event Handling with udev Rules
        Persistent Device Naming
        Files used by udev
        For More Information
      The X Window System
        Manually Configuring the X Window System
        Installing and Configuring Fonts
        For More Information
      Accessing File Systems with FUSE
        Configuring FUSE
        Available FUSE Plug-ins
        For More Information
    Mobile Computers
      Mobile Computing with Linux
        Mobile Hardware
        Cellular Phones and PDAs
        For More Information
      Wireless LAN
        WLAN Standards
        Operating Modes
        Configuration with YaST
        Tips and Tricks for Setting Up a WLAN
        For More Information
      Power Management
        Power Saving Functions
        Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)
        Rest for the Hard Disk
        For More Information
      Using Tablet PCs
        Installing Tablet PC Packages
        Configuring Your Tablet Device
        Using the Virtual Keyboard
        Rotating Your Display
        Using Gesture Recognition
        Taking Notes and Sketching with the Pen
        For More Information
      Basic Networking
        IP Addresses and Routing
        IPv6—The Next Generation Internet
        Name Resolution
        Configuring a Network Connection with YaST
        Configuring a Network Connection Manually
        Setting Up Bonding Devices
        smpppd as Dial-up Assistant
      SLP Services in the Network
        Activating SLP
        SLP Front-Ends in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
        Installation over SLP
        Providing Services via SLP
        For More Information
      Time Synchronization with NTP
        Configuring an NTP Client with YaST
        Manually Configuring NTP in the Network
        Dynamic Time Synchronization at Runtime
        Setting Up a Local Reference Clock
      The Domain Name System
        DNS Terminology
        Configuration with YaST
        Starting the BIND Name Server
        The /etc/named.conf Configuration File
        Zone Files
        Dynamic Update of Zone Data
        Secure Transactions
        DNS Security
        For More Information
        Configuring a DHCP Server with YaST
        DHCP Software Packages
        The DHCP Server dhcpd
        For More Information
      Using NetworkManager
        Use Cases for NetworkManager
        Enabling or Disabling NetworkManager
        Configuring Network Connections
        Using KNetworkManager
        Using the GNOME NetworkManager Applet
        NetworkManager and VPN
        NetworkManager and Security
        Frequently Asked Questions
        For More Information
        Starting and Stopping Samba
        Configuring a Samba Server
        Configuring Clients
        Samba as Login Server
        Samba Server in the Network with Active Directory
        For More Information
      Sharing File Systems with NFS
        Installing NFS Server
        Configuring NFS Server
        Configuring Clients
        For More Information
      File Synchronization
        Available Data Synchronization Software
        Determining Factors for Selecting a Program
        Introduction to CVS
        Introduction to rsync
        For More Information
      The Apache HTTP Server
        Quick Start
        Configuring Apache
        Starting and Stopping Apache
        Installing, Activating, and Configuring Modules
        Getting CGI Scripts to Work
        Setting Up a Secure Web Server with SSL
        Setting Up a Secure Web Server with NSS
        Avoiding Security Problems
        For More Information
      Setting up an FTP Server with YaST
        Starting the FTP Server
        FTP General Settings
        FTP Performance Settings
        Expert Settings
        For More Information
      The Squid Proxy Server
        Some Facts about Proxy Caches
        System Requirements
        Starting Squid
        The /etc/squid/squid.conf Configuration File
        Configuring a Transparent Proxy
        Cache Report Generation with Calamaris
        For More Information
      Web Based Enterprise Management Using SFCB
        Introduction and Basic Concept
        Setting up SFCB
        SFCB CIMOM Configuration
        Advanced SFCB Tasks
        For More Information
      Help and Documentation
        Documentation Directory
        Man Pages
        Info Pages
        Online Resources
      Common Problems and Their Solutions
        Finding and Gathering Information
        Installation Problems
        Boot Problems
        Login Problems
        Network Problems
        Data Problems
    An Example Network
    GNU Licenses
      GNU Free Documentation License