3.1 Getting Mirror Credentials

Before creating local mirrors of the repositories, you need to have proper mirror credentials. You can get these credentials from the Novell Customer Center by following these steps:

  1. Visit Novell Customer Center at http://www.novell.com/center and log in.

  2. Click on My Products. The list of product families is shown.

  3. Expand any product family by clicking on its name. You can also expand all product families by clicking on the icon showing the arrow with two converse arrowheads (with the Expand All Product Families tooltip). Products in the expanded families are shown.

  4. Double click on any specific product in the list to show detailed information about the product.

  5. In the Downloads section, click on the Mirror Credentials link.

  6. The credentials and mirror sites will be listed. These values are the same for all users and subscriptions for a specific company.

    Figure 3-1 NU Credentials in Novell Customer Center

The obtained credentials should be set in the YaST SMT module or manually written in the /etc/smt.conf file. For more information about configuring NU credentials using YaST, see Section 2.0, Configuring SMT Using YaST. For more information about the /etc/smt.conf file, see Section 6.2.1, /etc/smt.conf