ocf:rsyncd (7)


ocf:rsyncd - OCF Resource Agent compliant rsync daemon script.


[OCF_RESKEY_binpath=string] [OCF_RESKEY_conffile=string] [OCF_RESKEY_bwlimit=string] rsyncd [start | stop | monitor | validate-all | meta-data]


This script manages rsync daemon

Supported Parameters

OCF_RESKEY_binpath=Full path to the rsync binary

The rsync binary path. For example, "/usr/bin/rsync"

OCF_RESKEY_conffile=Configuration file name with full path

The rsync daemon configuration file name with full path. For example, "/etc/rsyncd.conf"

OCF_RESKEY_bwlimit=limit I/O bandwidth, KBytes per second

This option allows you to specify a maximum transfer rate in kilobytes per second. This option is most effective when using rsync with large files (several megabytes and up). Due to the nature of rsync transfers, blocks of data are sent, then if rsync determines the transfer was too fast, it will wait before sending the next data block. The result is an average transfer rate equaling the specified limit. A value of zero specifies no limit.