9.0 Managing Software with ZENworks

SUSE Linux Enterprise is ready for integration into an environment administrated by Novell ZENworks Linux Management. It includes an open source ZENworks management agent, back-end daemon, and user space software management tools. Novell ZENworks package management tools use a ZENworks Linux Management server to download packages and updates. If no ZENworks Linux Management server is available in your local network, your system can get updates from the Novell Customer Center, which is described in Section 3.14.4, Novell Customer Center Configuration.

The back-end daemon for the Novell ZENworks Linux Management Agent is the ZENworks Management Daemon (ZMD). ZMD performs software management functions. The daemon is started automatically during boot.

Check the status of the daemon with rczmd status. To start the daemon, enter rczmd start. To restart it, use rczmd restart. Deactivate it with rczmd stop.

ZMD can also be started with special options to control its behavior. To have ZMD always start with some special options permanently, set ZMD_OPTIONS in /etc/sysconfig/zmd then run SuSEconfig. The available options are:

-n, --no-daemon

Do not run the daemon in the background.

-m, --no-modules

Do not load any modules.

-s, --no-services

Do not load initial services.

-r, --no-remote

Do not start remote services.

ZMD configuration is stored in /etc/zmd/zmd.conf. You can change the configuration manually or with rug. The URL for the ZENworks service that zmd uses at initial start-up and a registration key are stored in /var/lib/zmd. Updates are downloaded to the ZMD cache in /var/cache/zmd.

ZMD is the back-end only. The software management tasks are initiated through the command line tool rug or the graphical Software Updater applet.