6.0 Deploying Customized Preinstallations

Rolling out customized preinstallations of SUSE Linux Enterprise to a large number of identical machines spares you from installing each one of them separately and provides a standardized installation experience for the end users. With YaST firstboot, create customized preinstallation images and determine the workflow for the final personalization steps that involve end user interaction. This is different from AutoYaST that allows completely automated installations; for more information, see Section 5.0, Automated Installation.

Creating a custom installation, rolling it out to your hardware, and personalizing the final product involves the following steps:

  1. Prepare the master machine whose disk should be cloned to the client machines. For more information, refer to Section 6.1, Preparing the Master Machine.

  2. Customize the firstboot workflow. For more information, refer to Section 6.2, /etc/YaST2/firstboot.xml.

  3. Clone the master machine's disk and roll this image out to the clients' disks. For more information, refer to Section 6.3, Cloning the Master Installation.

  4. Have the end user personalize the instance of SUSE Linux Enterprise. For more information, refer to Section 6.4, Personalizing the Installation.