11.0 OpenWBEM

NovellĀ® has embraced the open standard strategies of Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) proposed by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF). Implementing these strategies can substantially reduce the level of complexity associated with managing disparate systems in your network.

The following information describes a few of the components proposed by the DMTF standards. Understanding what these are and how they relate to each other can help you understand what OpenWBEM is and how you most effectively use it in your network.

SUSEĀ® Linux Enterprise Server contains the open source CIMOM from the OpenWBEM project.

The Web-Based Enterprise Management software selection includes a set of packages that contain basic Novell providers, including some sample providers, and a base set of accompanying Novell schemas.

As Novell moves forward with OpenWBEM and development of specific providers, it will provide tools that offer the following important features:

Understanding how the OpenWBEM CIMOM is set up and how to configure it can help you monitor and manage disparate systems in your network with more confidence and ease.