14.5 Enabling Seamless and Synchronized Mouse Pointer Movement

When you click within a VM Guest's console with the mouse, the pointer is captured by the console window and cannot be used outside the console unless it is explicitly released (by pressing Alt+Ctrl). To prevent the console from grabbing the key and to enable seamless pointer movement between host and guest instead, add a tablet to the VM Guest.

Adding a tablet has the additional advantage of synchronizing the mouse pointer movement between VM Host Server and VM Guest when using a graphical environment on the guest. With no tablet configured on the guest, you will often see two pointers with one dragging behind the other.

  1. Double-click a VM Guest entry in the Virtual Machine Manager to open its console and switch to the Details view with View > Details.

  2. Click Add Hardware and choose Input and then EvTouch USB Graphics Tablet in the pop-up window. Proceed with Finish.

  3. If the guest is running, you will be asked whether to enable the tablet after the next reboot. Confirm with Yes.

  4. When you start or restart the VM Guest, the tablet becomes available in the VM Guest.