14.2 Installing Modules and Extensions from Online Channels

The following procedure requires that you have registered your system with SUSE Customer Center, or a local registration server. When registering your system, you will see a list of extensions and modules immediately after having completed Step 4 of Section 20.9, Registering Your System. In that case, skip the next steps and proceed with Step 2.

NOTE: Viewing Already Installed Add-Ons

To view already installed add-ons, start YaST and select Software > Add-Ons

Installing Add-ons and Extensions from Online Channels with YaST

  1. Start YaST and select Software > Add System Extensions or Modules.

    YaST connects to the registration server and displays a list of Available Extensions and Modules.

    NOTE: Available Extensions and Modules

    The amount of available extensions and modules depends on the registration server. A local registration server may only offer update repositories and no additional extensions.

    NOTE: Module Life Cycles

    Life cycle end dates of modules are available at https://scc.suse.com/docs/lifecycle/sle/12/modules.

  2. Click an entry to see its description.

  3. Select one or multiple entries for installation by activating their check marks.

    Figure 14-1 Installation of System Extensions

  4. Click Next to proceed.

  5. Depending on the repositories to be added for the extension or module, you may be prompted to import the repository's GPG key or asked to agree to a license.

    After confirming these messages, YaST will download and parse the metadata. The repositories for the selected extensions will be added to your system—no additional installation sources are required.

  6. If needed, adjust the repository Properties as described in Section 13.3.2, Managing Repository Properties.

NOTE: For More Information

White paper SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Modules.