High Availability Guide

  High Availability Guide
    Installation and Setup
      Product Overview
        Availability as Add-On/Extension
        Key Features
        Cluster Configurations: Storage
      System Requirements and Recommendations
        Hardware Requirements
        Software Requirements
        Storage Requirements
        Other Requirements and Recommendations
      Installation and Basic Setup
        Definition of Terms
        Installation as Add-on
        Automatic Cluster Setup (sleha-bootstrap)
        Manual Cluster Setup (YaST)
        Mass Deployment with AutoYaST
    Configuration and Administration
      Configuration and Administration Basics
        Global Cluster Options
        Cluster Resources
        Resource Monitoring
        Resource Constraints
        Managing Services on Remote Hosts
        Monitoring System Health
        Maintenance Mode
        For More Information
      Configuring and Managing Cluster Resources (Web Interface)
        Configuring Global Cluster Options
        Configuring Cluster Resources
        Managing Cluster Resources
        Monitoring Multiple Clusters
        Hawk for Geo Clusters
      Configuring and Managing Cluster Resources (GUI)
        Pacemaker GUI—Overview
        Configuring Global Cluster Options
        Configuring Cluster Resources
        Managing Cluster Resources
      Configuring and Managing Cluster Resources (Command Line)
        Configuring Global Cluster Options
        Configuring Cluster Resources
        Managing Cluster Resources
        Setting Passwords Independent of cib.xml
        Retrieving History Information
        For More Information
      Adding or Modifying Resource Agents
        STONITH Agents
        Writing OCF Resource Agents
        OCF Return Codes and Failure Recovery
      Fencing and STONITH
        Classes of Fencing
        Node Level Fencing
        STONITH Resources and Configuration
        Monitoring Fencing Devices
        Special Fencing Devices
        Basic Recommendations
        For More Information
      Access Control Lists
        Requirements and Prerequisites
        Enabling Use of ACLs In Your Cluster
        The Basics of ACLs
        Configuring ACLs with the Pacemaker GUI
        Configuring ACLs with Hawk
        Configuring ACLs with crmsh
      Network Device Bonding
        Configuring Bonding Devices with YaST
        Hotplugging of Bonding Slaves
        For More Information
      Load Balancing with Linux Virtual Server
        Conceptual Overview
        Configuring IP Load Balancing with YaST
        Further Setup
        For More Information
      Geo Clusters (Multi-Site Clusters)
    Storage and Data Replication
        Features and Benefits
        OCFS2 Packages and Management Utilities
        Configuring OCFS2 Services and a STONITH Resource
        Creating OCFS2 Volumes
        Mounting OCFS2 Volumes
        Using Quotas on OCFS2 File Systems
        For More Information
        Conceptual Overview
        Installing DRBD Services
        Configuring the DRBD Service
        Testing the DRBD Service
        Tuning DRBD
        Troubleshooting DRBD
        For More Information
      Cluster Logical Volume Manager (cLVM)
        Conceptual Overview
        Configuration of cLVM
        Configuring Eligible LVM2 Devices Explicitly
        For More Information
      Storage Protection
        Storage-based Fencing
        Ensuring Exclusive Storage Activation
        For More Information
      Samba Clustering
        Conceptual Overview
        Basic Configuration
        Joining an Active Directory Domain
        Debugging and Testing Clustered Samba
        For More Information
      Disaster Recovery with Rear
        Conceptual Overview
        Setting Up Rear and Your Backup Solution
        Creating the Recovery Installation System
        Testing the Recovery Process
        Recovering from Disaster
        For More Information
        Installation and First Steps
        STONITH and Fencing
        For More Information
      Naming Conventions
      Example of Setting Up a Simple Testing Resource
        Configuring a Resource with the GUI
        Configuring a Resource Manually
      Example Configuration for OCFS2 and cLVM
      Cluster Management Tools
      Upgrading Your Cluster and Updating Software Packages
        Upgrading your Cluster to the Latest Product Version
        Updating Software Packages on Cluster Nodes
        For More Information
      What's New?
        Version 10 SP3 to Version 11
        Version 11 to Version 11 SP1
        Version 11 SP1 to Version 11 SP2
        Version 11 SP2 to Version 11 SP3
        Version 11 SP3 to Version 11 SP4
    GNU Licenses
      GNU Free Documentation License