19.0 Disaster Recovery with ReaR

ReaR (Relax and Recover) is an administrator tool-set for creating disaster recovery images. The disaster recovery information can either be stored via the network or locally on hard disks, USB devices, DVD/CD-R, tape or similar. The backup data is stored on a network file system (NFS).

Keep in mind, ReaR needs to be configured and tested before any disaster happens. ReaR will not save you, if a disaster has already taken place.

WARNING: Extensive Testing Required

It is essential, whenever you create a rescue CD, to always test the disaster recovery with an identical test machine. Only if this procedure works satisfactorily, your disaster recovery system is correctly and reliably set up.

WARNING: No Version Upgrade for the ReaR Package

SUSE does not deliver any updates for the ReaR package. It cannot be guaranteed that an existing ReaR disaster recovery setup will still work after the upgrade.

If you do a ReaR version upgrade on your own, carefully revalidate that your particular ReaR disaster recovery procedure still works.