6.0 Configuring and Managing Cluster Resources (GUI)

This chapter introduces the Pacemaker GUI and covers basic tasks needed when configuring and managing cluster resources: modifying global cluster options, creating basic and advanced types of resources (groups and clones), configuring constraints, specifying failover nodes and failback nodes, configuring resource monitoring, starting, cleaning up or removing resources, and migrating resources manually.

Support for the GUI is provided by two packages: The pacemaker-mgmt package contains the back-end for the GUI (the mgmtd daemon). It must be installed on all cluster nodes you want to connect to with the GUI. On any machine where you want to run the GUI, install the pacemaker-mgmt-client package.

NOTE: User Authentication

To log in to the cluster from the Pacemaker GUI, the respective user must be a member of the haclient group. The installation creates a linux user named hacluster and adds the user to the haclient group.

Before using the Pacemaker GUI, either set a password for the hacluster user or create a new user which is member of the haclient group.

Do this on every node you will connect to with the Pacemaker GUI.