Using the NFS Service

This section outlines how to use the highly available NFS service from an NFS client.

To connect to the NFS service, make sure to use the virtual IP address to connect to the cluster rather than a physical IP configured on one of the cluster nodes' network interfaces. For compatibility reasons, use the full path of the NFS export on the server.

In its simplest form, the command to mount the NFS export looks like this:

mount -t nfs /home/work

To configure a specific transport protocol (proto) and maximum read and write request sizes (rsize and wsize), use:

mount -o rsize=32768,wsize=32768 \ /home/work

In case you need to be compatible with NFS versionĀ 3, include the value vers=3 after the -o option.

For further NFS mount options, consult the nfs man page.