SUSE Enterprise Storage 4

SUSE® Enterprise Storage, powered by Ceph, a highly scalable and resilient software based storage solution, enables organizations to build cost-efficient and highly scalable storage using commodity off-the-shelf servers and disk drives. It is self-managing and delivers storage functionality comparable to mid- and high-end storage products at a fraction of the cost.

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Release Notes 02/28/2017
Deployment and Administration Guide                02/28/2017
- SUSE Enterprise Storage
- Cluster Deployment and Upgrade
- Operating a Cluster
- Accessing Cluster Data
- Managing Cluster with GUI Tools
- Integration with Virtualization Tools
- Best Practices
- Glossary
- Example Procedure of Manual Ceph Installation
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SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 11/2016
SUSE Enterprise Storage 2.1 02/2016
SUSE Enterprise Storage 1.0 03/2015