GNOME User Guide

This manual introduces you to the GNOME graphical desktop environment as implemented in openSUSE®, and shows you how to configure it to meet your personal needs and preferences. It also introduces you to several programs and services. It is intended for users who have some experience using a graphical desktop environment such as Macintosh*, Windows*, or other Linux desktops.

The manual is divided into two parts:


Get to know your GNOME desktop and learn how to cope with basic and daily tasks using the central GNOME applications, as well as various small utilities. Get an overview of the possibilities that GNOME offers for modifying and individualizing the desktop according to your needs and wishes. Learn how to use assistive technologies to improve accessibility in case of vision or mobility impairment.

Internet Connectivity, Files and Resources

Find vital information concerning the management and exchange of data on your system: how to share files on the network and how to use an integrated collaboration environment, how to effectively search for data, and how to manage printers and back up your data.

Many chapters in this manual contain links to additional documentation resources. These include additional documentation that is available on the system as well as documentation available on the Internet.

For an overview of the documentation available for your product and the latest documentation updates, refer to or to the following section.