8.2 Restriction of Key Combinations

If your window manager uses global Alt combinations, the Alt combinations in YaST might not work. Keys like Alt or Shift can also be occupied by the settings of the terminal.

Replacing Alt with Esc

Alt shortcuts can be executed with Esc instead of Alt. For example, Esc+H replaces Alt+H. (First press Esc, then press H.)

Backward and Forward Navigation with Ctrl+F and Ctrl+B

If the Alt and Shift combinations are occupied by the window manager or the terminal, use the combinations Ctrl+F (forward) and Ctrl+B (backward) instead.

Restriction of Function Keys

The F keys are also used for functions. Certain function keys might be occupied by the terminal and may not be available for YaST. However, the Alt key combinations and function keys should always be fully available on a pure text console.