KDE User Guide

This manual introduces the KDE desktop of your openSUSEā„¢ and a variety of applications you will encounter when working with the KDE desktop. It guides you through using these applications and helps you perform key tasks. It is intended mainly for end users who want to make efficient use of KDE in everyday life.

The manual is subdivided into the following parts:

KDE Desktop

Get to know your KDE desktop and learn how to cope with basic and daily tasks, using the central KDE applications and some small utilities. Get an impression of the numerous possibilities KDE offers to modify and individualize your desktop according to your needs and wishes.

Office and Collaboration

Use the office and collaboration software your openSUSE offers, such as the OpenOffice.org suite, several e-mailing and calendaring programs, and applications for online conversations. Also find vital information concerning the management and exchange of data on your system: how to share files on the network, how to effectively search and encrypt data, and how to manage printers.


Find out how to use the Internet applications included in your openSUSE, such as Konqueror or the Firefox Web browser, a download manager, or a news feed reader.


Find topics such as graphics applications, digital cameras, sound applications, and CD and DVD writers.