11.0 Burning CDs and DVDs

GNOME uses the Nautilus file manager to burn CDs and DVDs. To burn a CD or DVD:

  1. Click Computer > More Applications > Multimedia > GNOME CD/DVD Creator or insert a blank disc and click Make Data CD. or Make Audio CD.

  2. Copy the files you want to put on the CD or DVD into the CD/DVD Creator window.

  3. Click Write to Disc.

  4. Modify information in the Write to Disc dialog or accept the defaults, then click Write.

    The files are burned on the disc. This could take a few minutes, depending on the amount of data being burned and the speed of your burner.

You can use the Helix Banshee music player to burn audio and MP3 CDs, as explained in Section 10.3, Creating Audio and MP3 CDs.