2.10 Deploy SCF

First pass your UAA secret and certificate to SCF, then use Helm to install SUSE Cloud Foundry:

tux > SECRET=$(kubectl get pods --namespace uaa \
-o jsonpath='{.items[?(.metadata.name=="uaa-0")].spec.containers[?(.name=="uaa")].env[?(.name=="INTERNAL_CA_CERT")].valueFrom.secretKeyRef.name}')

tux > CA_CERT="$(kubectl get secret $SECRET --namespace uaa \
-o jsonpath="{.data['internal-ca-cert']}" | base64 --decode -)"

tux > helm install suse/cf \
--name susecf-scf \
--namespace scf \
--values scf-config-values.yaml \
--set "secrets.UAA_CA_CERT=${CA_CERT}"

Now sit back and wait for the pods come online:

tux > watch -c 'kubectl get pods --all-namespaces'

When all services are running use the Cloud Foundry command-line interface to log in to SUSE Cloud Foundry to deploy and manage your applications. (See Section 6.1, Using the cf CLI with SUSE Cloud Application Platform)