Recommended update for SUSE Manager Server 3.2

SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for SUSE Manager Server 3.2
Announcement ID: SUSE-RU-2019:0589-1
Rating: moderate
References: #1111308 #1111686 #1111810 #1114059 #1118100 #1118213 #1118492 #1119081 #1119964 #1121787 #1121856 #1122770 #1122836 #1122896 #1123019 #1123189 #1123989 #1123991 #1124013 #1124639 #1125451 #1125456 #1125492 #1126280 #1126862 #1127389 #1127488 #1127706
Affected Products:
  • SUSE Manager Server 3.2
  • SUSE Manager Proxy 3.2

An update that has 28 recommended fixes can now be installed.


This update includes the following new features:

  • Enable support for Ubuntu minions as technical preview (fate#324534, fate#326848, fate#326811)

This update fixes the following issues:
  • Fix for SUSE distribution detection in ISO building (bsc#1123991)

  • No change release to fix the repositories

  • Make salt-netapi-client compatible with JDK 1.8 and JDK 11

  • Add '--force', '-f' option to regenerateYumCache (bsc#1127389)

  • Make sure the package download url does not have '//' (bsc#1127488)
  • Make reposync use and append token correctly to the URL
  • Added 'mgr-sign-metadata-ctl' for repository metadata signing
  • Fix typo in syncing product extensions (bsc#1118492)

  • Update jquery.timepicker dependency to 1.11.14 to allow parsing the time format without depending on the language. (bsc#1119081)

  • Add rewrite rules for .deb repository metadata paths

  • Set max length for xccdf rule identifier to 255 to prevent internal server error (bsc#1125492)
  • Change default image download protocol from tftp to ftp
  • Fix a problem when cloning public child channels with a private base channel (bsc#1124639)
  • Prevent crash of mgr-sync refresh when channel label could not be found (bsc#1125451)
  • Keep assigned channels on traditional to minion migration (bsc#1122836)
  • Add support for Ubuntu minions (fate#324534, fate#326848, fate#326811)
  • Fix/enhance Debian/Ubuntu repository generation
  • Implement HTTP token authentication for Ubuntu clients
  • Archive orphan actions when a system is deleted and make them visible in the UI (bsc#1118213)
  • Fix "Add Selected to SSM" on System Groups -> systems page (bsc#1121856)
  • Add configurable option to auto deploy new tokens (bsc#1123019)
  • Show beta products if a beta subscription is available (bsc#1123189)
  • Merge unlimited virtualization lifecycle products with the single variant (bsc#1114059)
  • Improve performance for granting and revoking permissions to user for groups (bsc#1111810)
  • Fix for duplicate key violation when cloning erratas that have no packages associated (bsc#1111686)
  • Update spec file to no longer install tomcat context file in cache directory (bsc#1111308)

  • Sort activation key list on create image profile page (bsc#1122770)
  • Sort channel lists on the product page of the setup wizard
  • Sort activation key list on bootstrap page (bsc#1122770)
  • Remove RH-specific warning message (bsc#1118100)
  • Fix initializing of the datetime picker (bsc#1126862)

  • Add `python-setuptools` package dependency to SLES12 bootstrap repo (bsc#1119964)
  • Add configurable option to auto deploy new tokens (bsc#1123019)
  • Fix broken shebang in postgresql migration scripts
  • Ensure POSTGRES_LANG is correctly set (bsc#1121787)

  • Update text and image files.
  • Clarification about syncing support (bsc#1124013).
  • Replace SCC screen shot.
  • Improve Salt configuration channel description.
  • Add "spacewalk-report" documentation (from 2.1).
  • Fix image build host version numbers.

  • Update jquery.timepicker to 1.11.14 (bsc#1119081)

  • Set max length for xccdf rule identifier to 255 to prevent internal server error (bsc#1125492)
  • Removing invalid suse-openstack-cloud-6 and suse-packagehub-12-sp4 channel_labels (bsc#1125451)
  • Clean the susesccrepository table before modify it (bsc#1125456)
  • Archive orphan actions when a system is deleted and make them visible in the UI (bsc#1118213)
  • Remove wrong channel_family labels (bsc#1123189)
  • Remove unused 'remove_servergroup_perm' stored procedure (bsc#1111810)

  • Adapt disablelocalrepos.sls syntax for Salt 2016.10 (rhel6, sle11) (bsc#1127706)
  • Fix mgr_events to use current ioloop (bsc#1126280)
  • Added option to read 'pkg_download_point_...' pillar values and use it in repo url
  • Add support for Ubuntu minions
  • Prevent the pkgset beacon from firing during onboarding (bsc#1122896)

  • Fix channel label for suse-openstack-cloud-6 and packagehub-12-sp4-* (bsc#1125451)
  • Add SLES11 SP4 LTSS channels (bsc#1123989)

Patch Instructions:

To install this SUSE Recommended Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

  • SUSE Manager Server 3.2:
    zypper in -t patch SUSE-SUSE-Manager-Server-3.2-2019-589=1
  • SUSE Manager Proxy 3.2:
    zypper in -t patch SUSE-SUSE-Manager-Proxy-3.2-2019-589=1

Package List:

  • SUSE Manager Server 3.2 (ppc64le s390x x86_64):
    • spacewalk-branding-
    • susemanager-3.2.16-3.19.8
    • susemanager-tools-3.2.16-3.19.8
  • SUSE Manager Server 3.2 (noarch):
    • cobbler-2.6.6-6.13.5
    • netty-4.1.8.Final-2.9.1
    • salt-netapi-client-0.15.1-4.8.1
    • spacecmd-
    • spacewalk-backend-
    • spacewalk-backend-app-
    • spacewalk-backend-applet-
    • spacewalk-backend-config-files-
    • spacewalk-backend-config-files-common-
    • spacewalk-backend-config-files-tool-
    • spacewalk-backend-iss-
    • spacewalk-backend-iss-export-
    • spacewalk-backend-libs-
    • spacewalk-backend-package-push-server-
    • spacewalk-backend-server-
    • spacewalk-backend-sql-
    • spacewalk-backend-sql-oracle-
    • spacewalk-backend-sql-postgresql-
    • spacewalk-backend-tools-
    • spacewalk-backend-xml-export-libs-
    • spacewalk-backend-xmlrpc-
    • spacewalk-base-
    • spacewalk-base-minimal-
    • spacewalk-base-minimal-config-
    • spacewalk-config-
    • spacewalk-html-
    • spacewalk-java-
    • spacewalk-java-config-
    • spacewalk-java-lib-
    • spacewalk-java-oracle-
    • spacewalk-java-postgresql-
    • spacewalk-taskomatic-
    • susemanager-advanced-topics_en-pdf-3.2-11.18.5
    • susemanager-best-practices_en-pdf-3.2-11.18.5
    • susemanager-docs_en-3.2-11.18.5
    • susemanager-frontend-libs-3.2.5-3.10.5
    • susemanager-getting-started_en-pdf-3.2-11.18.5
    • susemanager-jsp_en-3.2-11.18.5
    • susemanager-reference_en-pdf-3.2-11.18.5
    • susemanager-schema-3.2.17-3.19.5
    • susemanager-sls-3.2.22-3.23.1
    • susemanager-sync-data-3.2.13-3.17.5
    • susemanager-web-libs-
  • SUSE Manager Proxy 3.2 (noarch):
    • spacewalk-backend-
    • spacewalk-backend-libs-
    • spacewalk-base-minimal-
    • spacewalk-base-minimal-config-
    • spacewalk-proxy-broker-
    • spacewalk-proxy-common-
    • spacewalk-proxy-installer-
    • spacewalk-proxy-management-
    • spacewalk-proxy-package-manager-
    • spacewalk-proxy-redirect-
    • spacewalk-proxy-salt-
    • susemanager-web-libs-