Recommended update for SUSE Manager Proxy 3.0

SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for SUSE Manager Proxy 3.0
Announcement ID: SUSE-RU-2016:2621-1
Rating: moderate
References: #1001361 #1003123 #1004454 #1004456 #980678 #986447 #986770 #989701 #990202 #990738 #992987 #994578 #994619 #996609 #998185
Affected Products:
  • SUSE Manager Proxy 3.0

  • An update that has 15 recommended fixes can now be installed.


    This update includes the following new features:

    - Support for Salt minions via SUSE Manager Proxy
    - Salt on Expanded Support Platform
    - Support for SLE12 SP2 product family

    This update fixes the following issues:


    - Add function aliases for backward compatibility (bsc#998185)


    - Fix invalid severity error (bsc#996609)
    - Fix for non-integer IDs for bugzilla bug
    - Silently ignore non-existing errata severity label on errata import,
    remove non-used exception (bsc#986447)
    - Make suseLib usable on a proxy


    - Only normalize lists (bsc#1004456)
    - Call normalize() before add_scsi_info() (bsc#1004456)
    - Fix traditional bootstrap for RHEL clients (bsc#1003123)
    - Added the bootstrap repository for RHEL minions when using the script (bsc#1001361)
    - Use init.d where systemd is not available
    - Salt: do not up2date/remote-mgmt/disable local repository
    - Only use the first activation key for minions
    - Add `--salt` option to mgr-bootstrap command to create a bootstrap
    script which install and configure salt
    - Terminate registration if hosts aren't found in nsswitch configuration
    - Check only if all required packages are installed (bsc#992987)


    - Logging message in case of malformed XML file
    - Prevent crashes if machine-id is None (bsc#994619)
    - Print invalid package name and replace the invalid character
    - Ignore packages with not UTF-8 characters in name, version and release


    - Support 'X-Mgr-Auth' headers in proxy for RedHat minions
    - Fix for Proxy chains: we only use suseLib.accessible when auth token is
    - Check for the auth token in HEAD requests
    - Renaming saltproxy to salt-broker. Using /etc/salt/ and /var/log/salt/
    - Make proxy aware of URLs with auth tokens
    - Salt ZeroMQ proxy service


    - Restaring salt-broker service when finished the setup
    - Spacewalk-proxy-installer now requires spacewalk-proxy-salt
    - Configure firewall for saltproxy


    - Support formulas in SUSE Manager
    - Switched SUSE Manager version to 3.0.1
    - Introduce Spark router conventions
    - Disable strict host key checking per default
    - Rename "States Catalog" to "State Catalog" in UI
    - Add TaskoTop to UI
    - BugFix: use user preferences parameters as default page size (bsc#980678)
    - Unified table version


    - Only normalize lists (bsc#1004456)
    - Call normalize() before add_scsi_info() (bsc#1004456)
    - Fixed bug with numbers in FormulaForm and improved ext_pillar script
    - Added formula directories and formulas.sls to setup script
    - External pillar script now also includes formula pillars
    - Rename symlinks according to changed 'os' grain for Expanded Support
    - Adding certs states for RHEL minion based on SLES-ES
    - Rename udevdb scsi info json key
    - Add support for mapping mainframe sysinfo
    - Implement isX86() in jinja more correctly
    - Initial support for querying and saving DMI info
    - Add support for mapping the devices
    - Actually handle incoming hardware details
    - Initial version of the hardware.profileupdate sls
    - Added pkgset beacon support in susemanager yum plugin
    - Trust also RES GPG key on all RedHat minions
    - Trust GPG keys for SUSE Manager Tools channel on RES
    - Configure bootstrap repository for RES
    - Always enable salt-minion service while bootstrapping (bsc#990202)
    - CentOS cert state symlinks and fixes
    - States for installing certificate on redhat minions
    - Pkg.list_products only on Suse
    - Yum plugin to add jwt token as http header
    - Generate SLE 12 bootstrap repository path correctly (bsc#994578)
    - Merging top.sls files in base env (bsc#986770)
    - Watch files instead of require


    - Fix atftp permissions for susemanager proxy (bsc#989701)

    How to apply this update: 1. Log in as root user to the SUSE Manager
    proxy. 2. Stop the proxy service: spacewalk-proxy stop 3. Apply the patch
    using either zypper patch or YaST Online Update. 4. Start the Spacewalk
    service: spacewalk-proxy start

    Patch Instructions:

    To install this SUSE Recommended Update use YaST online_update.
    Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

    • SUSE Manager Proxy 3.0:
      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SUSE-Manager-Proxy-3.0-2016-1539=1

    To bring your system up-to-date, use "zypper patch".

    Package List:

    • SUSE Manager Proxy 3.0 (noarch):
      • rhnlib-
      • spacewalk-backend-
      • spacewalk-backend-libs-
      • spacewalk-base-minimal-
      • spacewalk-base-minimal-config-
      • spacewalk-certs-tools-
      • spacewalk-check-
      • spacewalk-client-setup-
      • spacewalk-client-tools-
      • spacewalk-proxy-broker-
      • spacewalk-proxy-common-
      • spacewalk-proxy-installer-
      • spacewalk-proxy-management-
      • spacewalk-proxy-package-manager-
      • spacewalk-proxy-redirect-
      • spacewalk-proxy-salt-
      • susemanager-sls-0.1.16-11.1
      • susemanager-tftpsync-recv-3.0.3-3.1