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Wondering how you'll be able to manage your deployed software applications? WebYaST, a component of SUSE Studio™, is the answer.

It provides easy-to-use visibility into the configuration, health and performance of any virtual, software or hardware application image.

Managing deployed virtual application images or appliances is a complex task made easy for you with WebYaST™. As an easy-to-use, web-based remote configuration and administration tool, WebYaST fulfills the critical need of software developers and application integrators–the need to deliver a high-value experience to your end users.

When you are attempting to update, monitor and configure software application images or appliances, WebYaST provides the ideal interface to remotely access application configuration to meet the setup needs of the packaged workload. You'll even be able to create custom WebYaST modules and embed them in your application image to perform specific tasks, such as license management or last-mile setup.

Developed to provide an extensible and standardized means of system administration for SUSE Linux Enterprise appliances, WebYaST serves the following two purposes:

  • Initial setup of virtual, software and hardware application images or appliances, including software updates, user management, network configuration, custom modules, access to logs, and vendor EULA approval and registration. For example, with WebYaST, you can quickly configure the network connection and the access granted to users for use of printers and scanners.
  • Ongoing administration of a deployed system. WebYaST is also a suitable tool for user administration, security settings and the installation of additional software on the local system.

Just like YaST, WebYaST is open source software, with maintenance and support delivered by SUSE. You can create custom WebYaST modules to extend the standard interface for your specific needs.

Key end-user benefits:

  • Simple-to-use web-based remote management and administration of deployed software application images or appliances
  • Extremely fast initial setup of a newly-deployed application image or appliance

Key application integrator benefits:

  • Ability to fulfill best-practice application image or appliance "black box" design without an initial fee
  • Low operational support costs for application's end-user customers
  • No need to develop and maintain your own equivalent solution
  • Flexibility on brand and theme
  • Choice in what modules you want to ship
  • Permissive open source licensing, enabling proprietary and community modules