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As a retailer, you want to focus on what matters most: your customers. To ensure they receive excellent service, you need to optimize your IT systems.

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 11 Service Pack 3, our primary purpose is to consolidate patches and updates, and to deliver specific enhancements to the product to provide you with an incomparably stable, secure and easily manageable platform for your retail business. Here are just a few of the most important enhanced or new features:

  • Easy remote management of SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service clients with SUSE Manager:
    As part of the ongoing development of a tight cooperation between SUSE Manager and SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service, you can now register SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service images with your SUSE Manager server. This ensures that the superior management and monitoring tools of SUSE Manager are serviceable on your SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service clients.
  • Enhanced High Availability for Branch and Administration Servers:
    Thanks to enhanced configuration scripts for the Branch Server you can easily set up a highly available solution for your SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers and the Point of Service services and workloads running on top of them. The high availability functionality for Administration Servers has been updated to the latest code level of the most recent SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension.
  • Provide ready-to-go image templates:
    Starting with Service Pack 3, we provide and support image templates for all components of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 11 SP3 solution. On the server side you get pre-defined image templates for a standard Administration Server, Branch Server or a combination of both for compact installations. For the POS terminals or clients we offer an image template based on SUSE Linux JeOS (Just enough Operating System) in addition to the known graphical and minimal image template.
  • Create full system images/offline images for clients and install them via USB:
    This feature enables you to get your branches up and running quickly without a network connection and the initial PXE boot cycle to fill the system partitions. The resulting partitioning/partition table will be identical to what would be the outcome of a regular PXE boot/install.
  • Allow download of system images to the service partition in the background:
    In scenarios where you have only limited bandwidth, but you need to download and install new images from a remote server, this feature enables you to download these images in advance while the machine is running in production mode, and deploy them locally and quickly after a reboot.
  • Documentation—Migration from SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 11 SP2 to SP3:
    To help you experience a smooth migration from SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 11 SP2 to SP3, you can benefit from a new chapter in our documentation that describes in a detailed step-by-step tutorial how to migrate your complete production system, including Administration Servers, Branch Servers, and POS clients.

Other Features in Service Pack 3 let you:

  • Specify/configure the default kernel parameters for terminals through LDAP settings
  • Use Role and ID functionalities separately
  • Preserve your existing LDAP databases
  • Benefit from a new script to list terminals and branch servers in SLEPOS to simplify your compliance tests
  • Mount your encrypted partition without a network connection to the Branch Server by providing the encryption keys via USB stick