Leverage our partner ecosystem of IHVs, virtualization vendors and ISVs to further improve the value of your IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services to your customers.

Market-leading hardware and software certifications

    We have worked diligently to ensure that SUSE Linux Enterprise is the definitive platform leader for certified Linux applications. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has been endorsed by leading technology providers like Microsoft, SAP, and VMware. This makes SUSE Linux Enterprise Server the perfect OS for virtualized Cloud Service offerings.

  • Software certification
  • Our ISV partner ecosystem has grown. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is certified for more than 6800 applications from more than 1800 ISVs. When you run certified workloads, you can be sure that you have committed support service levels available to you. With SUSE priority support, this means 24x7 availability and response times down to one hour.

    In case any required workloads are not yet certified/supported, SUSE's ISV enablement team is ready to step up, at no extra cost to you. The team will engage with the ISV and attempt to certify the required workload for SLES. Certification also means that SUSE cooperates with the ISVs on the support back-end in case of a support incident, to avoid any support "ping-pong."

  • Hypervisor certification
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is built to be the best "perfect guest" operating system on the market. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has certifications and vendor support commitments from all leading virtualization vendors in the market, such as:

    • VMware vSphere
    • Microsoft HyperV
    • Citrix XenServer
    • Xen and KVM from SUSE
    • Parallels Virtual Containers
    • IBM zVM

    Because of that certification, when a customer runs workloads on a virtual server offering based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provided by his Cloud Service Provider, SUSE will provide support services in case of any issues.

  • SUSE YES certification – Hardware certification
  • Although less relevant in hosted environments, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is certified through the SUSE YES Certification program for nearly all branded hardware available in the market. That means that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has been extensively tested to run on such hardware. The benefit of such a certification is that the hardware vendor and SUSE jointly guarantee the availability of support service based on defined Service Level Agreements.

Value to the cloud customer:

When you choose SUSE products from a Cloud Service Provider, you run your workload on a certified platform, which guarantees the availability of real defect support for your complete stack based on SLAs, resulting in individual PTFs (Program Temporary Fixes) for you.

In comparison, unpaid Linux provides:
  • No certifications
  • No defect support
  • No SLAs