SUSE Manager Rises into the Public Cloud via 'Bring Your Own Subscription'

August 12, 2015

Customers use same subscription to deploy SUSE Manager on-premise or with cloud service providers AWS, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure

Nuremberg, Germany

SUSE® today announced the availability of SUSE Manager in the public cloud via SUSE's "bring-your-own-subscription" program. The program allows enterprise customers to transfer their existing SUSE Manager subscriptions for use in public clouds provided by SUSE Certified Cloud Service Providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure. As a result, customers benefit from the compute resources of their cloud services provider, while smoothly deploying SUSE Manager at no additional cost and continuing to receive support directly from SUSE.

SUSE Manager provides complete lifecycle management and monitoring for Linux servers across distributions, hardware architectures, virtual platforms and cloud environments. SUSE Manager running in the public cloud supports hybrid application deployments and enables customers to simultaneously manage workloads running both in the public cloud and in on-premise, private data centers across multiple locations or branch offices.

"The flexibility afforded customers by allowing them to provision, manage and update either public cloud or on-premise infrastructures with SUSE Manager is invaluable," said Naji Almahmoud, head of global business development for SUSE. "They can determine their ideal mix of traditional and public cloud workloads without worrying about growing management costs. And they can continue to rely on their existing SUSE support relationship and high level of service, with no additional cost."

In addition to finding increased flexibility and lower costs, customers can quickly scale and deploy in the public cloud without building a separate management infrastructure. SUSE Manager is available via AWS, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure for immediate deployment.

SUSE customers can transfer existing SUSE Manager subscriptions to AWS, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure through a simple online enrollment. For more information about SUSE Manager and the bring-your-own-subscription program, visit

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