openSUSE Project Announces Appointment of Alan Clark as openSUSE Board Chair

December 14, 2010


The openSUSE Project, a worldwide effort sponsored by Novell, today announced the appointment of Alan Clark to the position of openSUSE Board Chairperson starting today, December 14.

As a member of the openSUSE community, and Senior Manager and Strategic Advisor for Industry Initiatives at Novell, Clark's leadership has been particularly notable in driving the initial steps toward setting up an openSUSE foundation.

"It's with great excitement that we welcome Alan to the openSUSE Board and look forward to working with him to further develop and advance the openSUSE project," said Markus Rex, senior vice president and general manager of Open Platform Solutions at Novell. "Among his top priorities, Alan will help guide the Board and community in setting up an openSUSE foundation. I am confident Alan will be an invaluable addition to the Board and will continue to serve as a great ambassador for openSUSE in his new role."

Clark served as a member of the Linux Foundation board of directors for several years, where he held board positions including secretary, chair of the Board Governance and Nomination committee, and member of the Compensation and Finance committees. He is currently the chair of the Linux Foundation Vendor Advisory Council. Clark also served as a founding director for several non-profit organizations including, and others. Through his efforts on a diverse set of open source projects and industry technical committees, he strove to set new technical standards and advocated product interoperability. He remains an active participant in numerous open source initiatives and industry projects including the Linux Standard Base, OpenDocument Format, Open Source For America, DMTF, Cloud Security Alliance and more.

"I am honored and thrilled to continue my involvement in the vibrant openSUSE community as Board chair," said Clark. "I look forward to working closely with the community to further its mission of not only creating the best Linux distribution in the world, but also actively engaging with the broader open source communities around the world."