Managing the Data Explosion Challenge with Open Source Storage

Business IT is facing storage growth that’s exceeding even the highest estimates, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Unstructured data in the form of audio, video, digital images and sensor data now makes up an increasingly large majority of business data and presents a new set of challenges that calls for a different approach to storage. Next-generation storage systems need to provide greater flexibility and choice, as well as the ability to better identify unstructured data in order to categorize, utilize and automate the management of it throughout its lifecycle.

Software-defined storage (SDS) is rapidly becoming the preferred solution for ‘secondary storage’ applications that don’t have the performance requirements of highly transactional workloads.

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  • The changing nature of enterprise storage
  • The services and features expected of integrated storage platforms
  • The top storage pain points that can be addressed by SDS
  • Top customer reasons for adopting SDS
  • Technology considerations for software-defined storage

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