Say Goodbye to Downtime

Your customers rely on their mission-critical SAP systems like SAP S/4HANA to help them drive innovation for their business. When these critical systems are down—whether it is because of planned outages to fix security risks or unplanned interruption—it reduces productivity, revenues and customer satisfaction, while potentially increasing costs.

SUSE Solutions Help You

Maximize Productivity to Drive Innovation

Your customers can minimize unplanned outages with increasingly complex IT architectures by using SUSE Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. Your customers can:

  • Automate recurring manual tasks.
  • Reduce admin and simplify management.
  • Reduce pressure on IT Staff.

Maintain Critical Operations to Sustain Revenues

Every minute your customers’ critical SAP systems are not available, they risk reduced revenues and increased costs. Keep their SAP systems running even while applying Linux security patches with SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching.

  • Ensure that these business-critical lines remain productive with continuous uptime.
  • Keep services running and protected from security vulnerabilities without interruption.
  • Help your customers sustain revenues while avoiding extra costs or customer frustration.

Improve Efficiency of Service Operations

Ongoing maintenance of IT systems ensures that business requirements are met for optimal performance. Learn how SUSE Manager can help your customers:

  • Identify potential problems before planned or unplanned downtime is required to fix critical errors.
  • Monitors and displays SAP system status to reduce troubleshooting time.
  • Automates configuration management and simplifies compliance reporting for more efficient operations.