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SUSE Studio provides a foundation to reduce the complexity, maintenance and support costs of your Linux environment. With SUSE Start, SUSE IT Consulting helps your organization quickly install and configure SUSE Studio to introduce simplified application stack build and deployment to your organization.

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Your IT department is already working at maximum capacity, and your budget is limited. How can you add another deployment when business demands have already strained your resources?

By engaging our experienced SUSE consultants with SUSE Start for SUSE Studio™, you can preview the most requested features for SUSE Studio and receive assistance in setting up virtual applications and provisioning new workloads into your environment.

During a 2 week engagement, SUSE IT Consulting works with your IT team to ensure you install and configure SUSE Studio to meet your needs for improved application stack configuration, build and deployment. We will begin by reviewing SUSE Studio features and application-stack build considerations. Next, SUSE IT Consulting will install and configure SUSE Studio into your environment. With a solid foundation in place, SUSE IT Consulting will work with your team to further explore the tools and processes SUSE Studio offers.

Our experts work with your team to:

  • Understand SUSE Studio features and benefits
  • Understand application-stack build considerations
  • Install and configure SUSE Studio on your hardware
  • Share knowledge on the use of SUSE Studio and answer questions relating to your own business needs
  • Demonstrate SUSE Studio image development

Committed to you, no matter where you do business

The SUSE Services organization is committed to helping you implement, manage and support your solution. We offer worldwide consulting, training and support through a network of dedicated professionals and partners. Regardless of where you do business, SUSE is there to provide the enterprise-class services you need.

To learn more about how SUSE IT Consulting and our partners can assist with your Linux initiatives through a SUSE Start engagement, contact your SUSE sales or service representative or fill out the form on the right.

All packages expire in 12 months

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