Establishing your Linux management foundation

We've designed SUSE Start for SUSE Manager to help you quickly deploy your SUSE Manager solution. By rapidly installing and configuring SUSE Manager, you'll maximize your Linux investment and immediately begin to benefit from automated Linux server management.

Take the first step

Your IT department is already working at maximum capacity, and your budget is limited. How can you add another deployment when business demands have already strained your resources?

Our experienced SUSE Consultants will help you build a SUSE Manager starter implementation that includes its most-requested and successful features.

We'll start your 2 week engagement by interviewing key stakeholders to understand your overall Linux management requirements. Using this information, our team will install and configure your SUSE Manager Server to your production environment. We will design the solution to ensure it delivers maximum return on investment (ROI) as soon as possible.

With a solid foundation in place, you will then be able to explore the other potential benefits of the solution.

Within the 2 week timeframe, we will modify and customize the SUSE Manager installation to meet your Linux management requirements based on our best practices. With experienced SUSE Consultants, you will benefit from a fast and flexible implementation.

Our experts work with your team to set the stage and understand what you need for provisioning and monitoring within your unique environment. By helping you manage your patch delivery needs, we enable you to deploy SUSE Manager in a timeframe that suits your business requirements.

What SUSE Delivers

The goal of SUSE Start for SUSE Manager is to give you a solution that provides updates, patches and security fixes for SUSE Linux Enterprise or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. During the project, SUSE IT Consulting will work with your team to install and set up SUSE Manager and to learn from your team what tasks are most important for your situation.

SUSE Start project activities will include the following:

  • Review of your current Linux environment
  • Review of Linux management requirements
  • Starter installation of SUSE Manager Server
  • Setup SUSE channels repositories
  • Demonstrate client configuration and registration
  • Demonstrate patch deployment
  • Discuss provisioning and monitoring capabilities

Knowledge transfer to your staff

During the SUSE Start project, SUSE IT Consulting works to transition the operation and support of your SUSE Manager solution to your own IT staff. This includes giving recommendations for future solution expansion and enhancements.

Committed to you, no matter where you do business

The SUSE Services organization is committed to helping you implement, manage and support your solution. We offer worldwide consulting, training and support through a network of dedicated professionals and partners. Regardless of where you do business, SUSE is there to provide the enterprise-class services you need.

To learn more about how SUSE IT Consulting and our partners can assist with your Linux initiatives through a SUSE Start engagement, contact your SUSE sales or service representative, or fill out the form on the right.

All packages expire in 12 months

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