Eliminate your unplanned downtime and maintain data integrity.

Our consultants and partners can help you architect a High Availability solution that is guided by industry best practices.

IT Managers need some way to protect their mission-critical, x86 based systems from failure and increase services dependability, either through greater reliability, redundancy, or fast failover to standby systems. That's where the SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension comes in. It's a proven method to increase availability through clustering to provide hardware and software redundancy. Organizations today are successfully using clustering and high-availability software to ensure continuous access to their systems and data, maintain data integrity and reduce unplanned downtime.

SUSE IT Consulting and its network of service partners can help you successfully design and deploy the SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension to ensure high availability and manageability of critical network resources including data, applications and services.

Engagement Details

The goal of most high-availability engagements is to reduce data or transaction loss and mitigate downtime. Doing this effectively requires a design and implementation plan that is customized to your unique business environment. Deliverables from SUSE vary by individual customer requirements, but will typically include the following:

  • High availability design and overall architecture detailing the overall design and interplay between the applications being made highly available and their surrounding technologies
  • Linux Standard Base (LSB) compatible scripts
  • Detailed documentation, including relevant, detailed descriptions of the high availability service and associated configuration changes created during the engagement


High Availability Design and Implementation provides:

  • Customized implementation plan
  • Linux Standard Base Scripts for your custom applications
  • Detailed documentation
  • Maximum system availability to prevent data and transaction loss

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