We want to help you make sure your SUSE solution does exactly what you need it to: deliver measurable value effectively and quickly. Through our Delivery Excellence Reviews, you can leverage the expertise of SUSE's IT Consulting experts to review your implementation approach and provide targeted recommendations, even if you are implementing the solution yourself or with a partner.

Our Delivery Excellence Review includes a set of specific action items, opportunities and best practices to help your project manager and team ensure your solution implementation is completed correctly and efficiently.

Engagement Details

Delivery excellence reviews are conducted by a cross-section of expert SUSE personnel which may include senior technical consultants, architects, project leadership, engineering and support resources.

The delivery excellence review contains two separate phases:

Phase I: Design

The SUSE team will ensure the technical design, solution architecture and product usage are aligned with key solution requirements and best practices. The team can also help you discover potential design related risks and opportunities.

Phase II: Implementation

The team provides an implementation health check to ensure critical implementation success factors are in place. We can provide broad visibility into potential issues and create any remediation plans necessary for successful implementation.


  • Reduced risk with industry best practices incorporated into strategy, design and implementation plans
  • Proven methodologies that deliver proven results
  • Objective face-to-face feedback and input to supplement the work you and /or your partner has done
  • Transfers knowledge to your team so they can be more successful
  • Keeps implementation costs at a minimum
  • Saves time, money and management efforts

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