Automate your deployments quickly, securely and with limited business interruption.

We can help you overcome the technical hurdles that hinder efficient deployment, saving you time and costs associated with intensive hands-on deployment work.

The goal of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Core build offering is to help you develop a repeatable process for implementing Linux system builds, even across multiple hardware platforms. SUSE will work with you to develop an optimal SUSE Linux Enterprise Server core image and provide the necessary knowledge transfer to enable you to build additional Linux core images as needed. The SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Core build engagement will allow you to standardize your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server build and deployment processes for a wide variety of use cases.

Engagement Details

Some software platform deployments can be performed on a case-by-case basis, but larger enterprises that depend on efficient mass deployment need a proven, repeatable approach to provide rapid, production-ready capabilities. The SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Core Build offering from SUSE provides that approach. Key steps in this approach include:

  • Performing a current-state environment analysis, which includes standard server applications and services, hardware and networking infrastructure, storage requirements, and backup and recovery capabilities
  • Gathering use case information
  • Determining the impact on your infrastructure
  • Preparing your hardware environment Developing key requirements and acceptance criteria
  • Piloting your deployment and validating that server configurations meet your needs

As a final step, SUSE will work with you to develop a plan outlining the steps required to move the solution into production and successfully complete your full deployment.


  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Straight forward installation costs
  • Better overall installation documentation
  • Easier installation management
  • Better tracking of licensing and subscriptions
  • Security best practices that reduce manual intervention

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