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Breaking News

SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 Helps Customers
Adapt to Changing Business and Data Demands

SUSE Enterprise Storage 3 is now available. It’s the first commercially supported solution based on the Jewel release of the Ceph open source project, which ensures that you are first to get supported and easy access to the rapidly advancing Ceph community innovation. Learn more

HPE Now Shipping with SUSE Enterprise Storage

SUSE and HPE are delivering a Scalable Object Storage solution with SUSE Enterprise Storage, allowing you to effectively manage your data storage problems at a massive scale. The solution is supported on HPE storage, optimized Apollo servers and HPE general-purpose ProLiant servers. The solution enables you to transform your enterprise storage infrastructure, delivering highly scalable and resilient storage that is fully supported, cost efficient and able to adapt to your changing business and data demands. Learn more

SUSE Receives Ericsson Supplier Award 2016
for Software Ecosystem Excellence

SUSE received the Ericsson Supplier Award 2016 for Software Ecosystem Excellence at the recent Ericsson award ceremony. SUSE was recognized for its ability to adapt and integrate its products in complex, multivendor environments. The Ericsson Supplier Award 2016 for Software Ecosystem Excellence recognizes the long-standing Ericsson and SUSE partnership involving SUSE Linux products and solutions used in Ericsson's solutions. Learn more

SUSE Aligns with Intel for High Performance Computing Stack

Intel recently announced their new HPC Orchestrator solution, which is a combination of technology, support and services aimed at providing the software infrastructure framework and glue needed for vendors and researchers to rapidly develop next-generation HPC systems. In this unique commercial offering, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the first Linux operating system supported. And Intel and SUSE have collaborated to offer fully integrated, joint support for this combined enterprise-grade solution. Learn more


SUSECON 2016: “Early Bird” and Other Discount Pricing

Register now for SUSECON 2016 and take advantage of early bird, alumni or partner discount pricing.

  • Alumni discount: US$150 off current full conference pass price
  • Partner discount: 25% off current full conference pass price

SUSE Webinar Channel

Join us for a webinar to learn about SUSE Enterprise Storage, the latest intelligent software-defined storage management solution from SUSE. It is the first commercially supported solution based on the Jewel release of the Ceph open source project, ensuring that you are first to get supported and easy access to the rapidly advancing Ceph community innovation. New features include:

  • POSIX-compliant Ceph filesystem (CephFS) adds native filesystem access, so you now have unified block, object and file access in your SUSE Enterprise Storage cluster.
  • Multisite object replication provides asynchronous active/active multicluster environment to ensure replication at a distance for improved disaster recovery, along with truly long-distance replication for blocks using asynchronous block (RDB) mirroring.
  • A new framework to simplify management by providing the foundation for an advanced graphical user interface management tool (using openATTIC), as well as orchestration of the cluster using Salt.

Date: Wednesday, July 27
Time: 7:00 a.m. PST

Register Today

What you need to know about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

Mission-critical business analytics require a system that handles large data volumes and delivers results quickly and reliably. That’s why you choose IBM Power Systems Solutions Edition for SAP HANA, and why you need SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. In this webinar, speakers from SAP, IBM and SUSE will give you the information you need to plan your SAP HANA strategy. Find the webinar here.

Product Developments

SUSE Manager Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

Using separate tools to maintain and patch systems, monitor health compliance and deploy required updates to the Windows and Linux servers can be costly and time-consuming. Now, Windows systems administrators are able to view server health information and perform both Windows and Linux patching duties, all through the same console. Learn more

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12—Optimized for High Performance Computing

Confidently run your production workloads on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Microsoft Azure, knowing that your service levels are guaranteed, and that help from SUSE and Microsoft engineers is just a phone call away. Take SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 for a test drive here.

SUSE Linux Enterprise as a Mission-critical Enterprise Server

IDC finds that organizations of all sizes now embrace Linux for mission-critical computing tasks, taking advantage of capabilities such as high availability, geo clustering, live patching and full system rollbacks. One interesting example specific to large organizations is the use of SAP applications, including the popular SAP HANA in-memory solution, on a foundation such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Read more

Software-defined Data Center

While the fully formed, highly automated, completely orchestrated software-defined data center isn’t here yet, SUSE can help you begin to make the transformation. Learn about our pragmatic vision of the software-defined data center, where you’ll control cloud services and legacy systems, and automation will free your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Also, discover how to build the foundation for a software-defined data center with OpenStack, Ceph and Docker. Learn more

Partner Updates

SUSE is an Early Partner in the New Intel Cloud Builders Program

SUSE has joined the new Intel Cloud Builders program as one of the first technology partners. Intel Cloud Builders is designed to foster collaboration between members and drive POCs. The new Cloud Builders site includes software-defined infrastructure (SDI) use cases and helps organizations create more efficient cloud platforms through better use of infrastructure-as-a-service, orchestration and automation. Learn more here and then browse the SUSE microsite on the Cloud Builders site.

Enterprise Linux Optimized for VMware

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server ships with open VM tools and has VMware drivers built in, eliminating the need to install tools separately and providing the best out-of-box experience to efficiently deploy virtual machines on VMware infrastructure. Learn more

Live Patching is Cool—​Especially for SAP Customers!

It seems that planned downtime is a necessary evil, even for the most important applications. In fact, we conducted a survey and found that 66 percent of respondents implement planned downtime at least once a quarter. There is never a good time to do it in today’s 24x7x365 global business, but server kernels need to be patched in order to run efficiently and securely, so you have to do it sometimes—right? Well no, not now! SUSE kGraft technology allows you to keep SAP running while you make critical kernel patches. Learn more

Cloud Corner

SUSE Boosts Business Flexibility by Expanding Availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications in AWS Marketplace

SUSE has expanded the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications via Amazon Web Services Marketplace (AWS Marketplace). Customers can now buy SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications—including support for SAP HANA high availability—directly on AWS Marketplace in the form of a pay-per-use image. Learn more

Top Five Use Cases for Private Cloud

As cloud adoption is booming, SUSE research has found that 90 percent of large companies say they have now implemented private cloud solutions. When correctly deployed, there are many benefits for businesses that implement a private cloud. To learn why you should consider shifting to a private cloud, click here.

Zero Downtime

Want to Slash Your Server Downtime?

Downtime causes issues no matter how you slice it. The best way to avoid downtime is by understanding it. By being able to recognize how downtime works and what causes it, you can plan to slash downtime. Learn more

SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching Rescues Businesses from Planned Downtime

SUSE has introduced SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching to help customers running workloads on the SAP HANA platform, SAP NetWeaver technology platform and other SAP applications reduce the business disruption caused by planned downtime, all while maintaining a highly secure IT environment. SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching allows you to perform system patching without rebooting, which increases service availability and reduces the cost of downtime. Learn more

SUSE Connect Program

New SUSE Connect Program Links Customers with Resources Supporting their SAP Solution

SUSE Connect gives customers easy and dependable access to a broad set of software and services that support SAP solutions from the SUSE partner ecosystem. Using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, customers can review a list of products, web services and special services and chose the solutions that best address their business needs. SUSE Connect for SAP partners is included with your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications subscription. Learn more

Customer Spotlight: Lulu Group

As Lulu Group drove its rapid growth, the pressure to keep business systems working optimally also rose. The company had chosen the SAP for Retail ERP solution to handle practically all aspects of its retail business, initially deploying the solution on the Solaris operating system on proprietary Sun servers. While this combination was satisfactory at the outset, it proved expensive to run and to scale up to meet the needs of the growing business. Learn how SUSE helped the Lulu Group cut the cost of business growth by 20 percent. Read the success story.

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