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Breaking News

SUSE Names New CTO

Dr. Thomas Di Giacomo has joined SUSE in the new role of chief technology officer (CTO). As CTO, he will engage in strategic dialog with SUSE customers, partners and open source communities to ensure that SUSE adapts to helping customers succeed and drive open source innovation in areas such as software-defined computing, storage and networking. Previously, Dr. Di Giacomo served as CTO and vice president of innovation at Swisscom Hospitality Services and CTO of the Hoist Group, a global provider of IT services to the hospitality and healthcare industries. Read more.

SUSE Manager 3 Boosts Efficiency,
Cuts Costs in the Modern Data Center

SUSE Manager 3 is now available. The new release lets you centrally manage Linux servers automatically across distributions, hardware architectures, virtual platforms and cloud environments. New features include Salt configuration management software, for real-time faster configuration and monitoring across thousands of systems; a new, easier-to-use subscription management tool; and enhanced monitoring capabilities. Learn more.

SUSE Wins Two “Product of the Year” Awards
for Storage and Cloud from Network Computing

The readers of Network Computing have voted awards to two SUSE products for being “second to none” in their quality and innovation. For the second year in a row, SUSE Enterprise Storage was named overall "Product of the Year” while SUSE OpenStack Cloud earned "Data Center Product of the Year" for 2016. Learn more.


SUSECON 2016: Call for Sessions Now Open

If you are interested in presenting a SUSECON session, get more information here and sign up here.

SUSECON 2016: “Early Bird” and Other Discount Pricing

Register for SUSECON 2016, in Washington D.C., November 2-4, now and take advantage of “Early Bird” discount pricing. There is also a special price for SUSECON alumni and SUSE partners:

  • Alumni discount: US$150 off current full conference pass price
  • Partner discount: 25% off current full conference pass price

SUSE Webinar Channel

Improving Uptime

Do you need to increase uptime for business continuity and data protection? If so, but you missed these two late-April webinars, now is your chance to access the recordings at your convenience:

  • Zero Downtime for Your Mission-Critical Applications. Learn how you can maximize hardware uptime by implementing high availability, geo-clustering, live patching and easy rollback—and minimize human error by automating asset management and patch applications.

Worldwide Events

SUSE Expert Days are taking place worldwide in cities near you. Meet face-to-face in these all-day events with experts on OpenStack cloud, Docker, software-defined storage and more. For more information on topics, click here.

EMEA SUSE Expert Days:

NA Expert Days:

Product Developments

Applied Micro Donation Boosts 64-Bit ARM

Thanks to a donation of servers from Applied Micro to the Open Build Service (OBS), members of the OBS community now have improved access to a common build platform that includes 64-bit ARM technology. This will significantly decrease development cycles, eliminating the ARM emulation support previously needed within OBS. OBS is a one-stop location for building software projects for multiple operating systems running on multiple platforms. Read the announcement. Learn more here.

More—New Documentation for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Available

You can now access guides and papers for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Real Time Extension 12 SP1 and a new guide for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 online:

  • For SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Real Time Extension 12 SP1 documentation, click here. For a short overview, click here.
  • For SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 12 documentation, click here. For a short overview, click here.

Changes to Long Term Service Pack Support (LTSS)

Long Term Service Pack Support has been updated to include SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12. Learn more.

Software-defined Data Center: Updates

While the fully formed, highly automated, completely orchestrated software-defined data center isn’t here yet, SUSE can help you begin to make the transformation with these aids:

Webinar: Starting to Build Your Software-defined Data Center

This webinar helps you start on your journey to a software-defined data center while leveraging your existing IT investment, reducing the time and effort required by the IT staff and keeping your future options open by avoiding vendor lock-in. The webinar focuses on technologies like OpenStack, Docker containers, and Ceph. Access the webinar here.

The Paths to a Software-defined Data Center

Are you ready for a software-defined data center? This white paper can help. It outlines our pragmatic vision of the software-defined data, where you’ll control cloud services and legacy systems and automation will free IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives. It also explains how to build the foundation for a software-defined data center with OpenStack, Ceph and Docker. Download the whitepaper here.

What’s New in Storage?

The solution for reducing exploding storage costs is to implement scale-out, software-defined storage with open source technology. The question is how? SUSE provides these two product guides to help you.

SUSE Enterprise Storage Architectural Overview with Recommendations

The reference architecture described here illustrates how to deploy SUSE Enterprise Storage, a commercially supported, enterprise-grade Ceph distribution, as a block storage repository for systems connecting via iSCSI. It also covers some sample use cases such as storage for Test/Dev, low-to-moderate I/O virtual machines and general archive storage. Read the guide.

SUSE Enterprise Storage 2.0 Deployment for HPE DL Series

Get step-by-step instructions for deploying SUSE Enterprise Storage on Hewlett Packard Enterprise DL Series hardware. The guide starts with a representative configuration and covers planning and prerequisites, the network, operating system deployment, and SUSE Enterprise Storage deployment and cluster validation. Read the guide.

Partner Updates

SUSE an Early Partner in the New Intel Cloud Builders Program

SUSE has joined the new Intel Cloud Builders program as one of the first technology partners. Intel Cloud Builders is designed to foster collaboration between members and drive POCs. The new Cloud Builders site includes software-defined infrastructure (SDI) use cases and helps organizations create more efficient cloud platforms through better use of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), orchestration and automation. Learn more and then browse the SUSE microsite on the Cloud Builders site.

SUSE Linux Support in Lenovo XClarity Drives Data Center Efficiency

Lenovo XClarity is a resource management solution designed to simplify and automate foundational resource management tasks while enabling you to manage resources on your own terms. With its latest release, Lenovo XClarity supports deployment of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for bare-metal deployment. This allows you to easily and quickly roll out the latest offerings from SUSE to ensure that your data center is operating at the highest efficiency out of the box, while at the same time ensuring compliance with data center standards. Learn more.

Huawei and SUSE Take Their Partnership to the Cloud

Huawei OpenStack-based FusionSphere, a cloud operating system, is now certified compatible with SUSE products. SUSE and Huawei products work together in virtualization, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions—with Huawei providing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 drivers. Previous milestones in the companies’ partnership include joint support for SAP HANA and SUSE support for Huawei’s third- carrier-grade application platform—Advanced Telecommunications Application Environment (ATAE) 3. Learn more.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud and Modukura’s MidoNet Provide OpenStack SDN Solution

Based on the collaboration of SUSE and Midokura, MidoNet (an open-source, highly scalable, and resilient, network virtualization system) and SUSE OpenStack Cloud now provide an enterprise-ready, OpenStack private or public cloud solution with software-defined networking (SDN). SUSE OpenStack Cloud provides the agile and open infrastructure and MidoNet overlays the existing network hardware infrastructure and allows users to build isolated networks entirely in software.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6
on Ravello Systems

As with SUSE OpenStack Cloud 4 and 5, SUSE has once again partnered with Ravello Systems to enable partners and customers to easily and rapidly deploy SUSE OpenStack 6 in a scalable environment by leveraging Ravello’s nested virtualization technology for a publicly available platform for demos, development and test. Learn more.

Why SUSE and SAP
Are the Perfect Fit

What should you look for in researching the right Linux platform for SAP applications and SAP HANA? Read this guide to find out.

Cloud Corner

Using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server On-Demand in an Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud

If you’re routing all your traffic across a direct link or via VPN tunnel from Amazon EC2 through your own data center and then back out registration, the SUSE operated update infrastructure will not work. Discover different scenarios that will work, and meet your security requirements and how to set them up. Learn more.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server—Now on Azure Stack

Azure Stack is the private cloud implementation of Azure. It includes hybrid cloud functionality and enables the delivery of cloud services based on Microsoft technology in a private data center. Now there is also a pre-built SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP1 image available for download. Learn more.

Pain-Free Private Cloud

Are you using a public cloud but concerned about adding a private cloud? Read these documents:

Customer Spotlight: DARZ

As an IT services company launching a new private-cloud business, DARZ needed an efficient, flexible, secure multi-tenant infrastructure. Using SUSE OpenStack Cloud, SUSE Manager, and Crowbar technology, the company launched new IaaS services, which offer high availability and superb performance at an attractive price. The new line of business adds to DARZ's revenues and helps the company position itself. Read the story.

Regional News: North America

SUSE Expert Days are taking place worldwide in cities near you. Meet face-to-face in these all-day events with experts on OpenStack cloud, Docker, software-defined storage and more. This year’s theme is the Software-defined Data Center and focuses on cutting-edge data center strategies such as:

  • Uptime and efficiency improvements
  • Private OpenStack Cloud
  • Software-defined, scalable storage
  • Lightweight virtualization with Docker containers

NA Expert Days

New York City



17 May

19 May

24 May

Milwaukee Tech Summit

10 June

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