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Learn how SUSE takes the complexities out of OpenStack private cloud deployments.

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Breaking News

New Research Shows OpenStack Adoption Strong,
but Concerns Remain

A SUSE commissioned study of more than 800 senior IT professionals in seven countries reveals the preferences, adoption levels and challenges of large companies when moving to a private cloud. Results show that most large companies have moved or plan to move to OpenStack private cloud, but challenges such as ease of installation, a skills shortage and vendor lock-in remain. Learn more ›

The Path to a Software-defined Data Center

The software-defined data center holds the promise of a hybrid-cloud environment in which computer, network and storage capabilities are decoupled from hardware dependencies, completely flexible and scalable and controlled by internal IT teams. It will make your data center the great strategic asset and source of competitive advantage that you want. It isn’t here today, but you can begin to transform your existing infrastructure to make the most of emerging opportunities by reading “The Path to a Software-defined Data Center.”
Download now ›

SUSE Webinar Channel

Live: Defining a Highly Available SAP Infrastructure

Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2016

Time: 11 a.m.

SUSE and Lenovo experts will examine approved and recommended high availability topologies for your SAP environment. Register here ›


Starting to Build Your Software-defined Data Center

Learn how you can start today to build an infrastructure that has the flexibility to quickly provision resources according to the unique requirements of each application.

Worldwide Events

Take the opportunity to talk to SUSE face to face at these events:

SUSE Expert Days
Cities worldwide / February-April

Meet face to face in these all-day events with experts on OpenStack Cloud, Docker, Software-defined Storage, and more.

  • For more information on topics, click here.
  • To see the list of Linux Expert Day locations and dates in EMEA and register for a location near you, click here.
  • To see the list of Linux Expert Day locations and dates in North America and Canada and register for a location near you, click here.

AutomotiveIT Kongress
CeBIT, Hanover, Germany / March 17

Read the Regional News to find events in your region or country.

Product Developments

Share Your Expertise in Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Win a $15 Gift Card

If you have ever installed and configured SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, share your tips and tricks with others—and get an opportunity to win a $15 gift card. Each suggestion that passes review by SUSE support engineers will receive this prize. Learn more ›

Getting Ready for the Software-defined Data Center

Read this introduction to the “software-defined data center” to learn about our pragmatic approach to laying a foundation today with technologies like OpenStack, Ceph and Docker. Learn more ›

What’s New in Storage?

Why Ceph Development Is Now, and Always Will Be, a Team Sport

If you are wondering why you should consider Ceph and Ceph-based products like SUSE Enterprise Storage for exploding storage needs, take a look at this comparison of the open source business model versus a business model for proprietary software. Learn more ›

SUSE Enterprise Storage Architectural Overview
with Recommendations

According to IDC, enterprise storage will continue to grow by 30 percent a year. SUSE Enterprise Storage, based on the open source Ceph scale-up software-defined storage solution, can address this need without the high cost of adding traditional storage equipment. Learn about what’s involved in its architecture and how you can deploy it in a new white paper.
Read it now ›

SUSE Enterprise Storage 2 iSCSI Gateway
Services Deployment

When you are ready to install SUSE Enterprise Storage, this guide can help. It provides step-by-step instructions for deploying iSCSI services, the latest way to access the RADOS back-end object store of SUSE Enterprise Storage. Download now ›

Validating SUSE Enterprise Storage with Windows Server

This guide provides clear graphics and instructions for setting up SUSE Enterprise Storage iSCSI devices on a Microsoft Windows Server.
Read it now ›

For more help in implementing SUSE Enterprise Storage, read about the SUSE and Hewlett Packard Enterprise reference architecture, “SUSE Enterprise Storage 2.0 Deployment for HPE ProLiant DL Series,” below in Partner Updates.

Partner Updates


Partnering with SUSE from Fujitsu’s Perspective

Hear what Eva Brohm, vice president of FUJITSU Alliances, has to say about the SUSE and Fujitsu relationship.
Watch the video ›

SUSE and Fujitsu: A
Powerful Combination
for SAP Environments

Learn how to simplify the management of complex SAP environments with PRIMEFLEX for SAP Landscapes from Fujitsu and SUSE. Powered by the Fujitsu FlexFrame Orchestrator and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, the solution facilitates the operation of mission-critical SAP applications and SAP databases, and the SAP HANA platform. Learn more ›

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

SUSE and Hewlett Packard Enterprise continue to partner on innovative technology to help customers take full advantage.

SUSE Enterprise Storage 2 Deployment for Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant DL Series

This guide provides instructions for setting up a representative configuration that can be confidently used in test environments. Download now ›

Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant for a Private Cloud: Optimized for SUSE
OpenStack Cloud

Get detailed hardware information and setup instructions for building a private cloud using specific HPE ProLiant rack servers for both compute and storage nodes utilizing SUSE OpenStack Cloud. There is also a solution architecture and discussion of design decisions that were made in arriving at this implementation. Read it now ›


SUSE and Lenovo have collaborated to provide these reference architectures for two of the most in-demand solutions for 2016: OpenStack cloud and big data.

Lenovo Reference Architecture for SUSE OpenStack Cloud

This guide provides both high-value and high-performance options for OpenStack implementations. It also includes recommended configurations for Lenovo System x and ThinkServer platforms.
Read it now ›

Lenovo Big Data Reference Architecture for SUSE Linux Enterprise for Cloudera

Read it now ›

Lenovo Big Data Reference Architecture for MapR Distribution Including
Apache Hadoop—with SUSE Linux Enterprise.

Download it ›


The benefits of the SUSE and SAP HANA partnership just keep coming.

SAP HANA on SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications: Design and Setup

What could the new SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration (TDI) approach that gives you the opportunity to design and run your own HANA system mean for you?
Find out here ›

SAP HANA on IBM Power8 with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

The combination of SAP HANA running on IBM Power8 with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications offers additional functions to SAP—including out-of-the-box high availability (HA).
Learn more ›

Cloud Corner

Upgrading Your Running On-demand Instances in the Public Cloud

Help for upgrading your instances of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 on AWS EC2, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure is here. Don’t wait to upgrade.

Who Works for the Customer: Open Source versus Proprietary Software

Learn why open source will win the competition against proprietary software in general and why OpenStack will continue to flourish in enterprises in particular. Read more ›

What the Experts Say

How to Choose the Right Linux to Facilitate Flexibility and Innovation

Whether you are in charge of or are an influencer in deciding which version of Linux to use in a single server or a data center, this article can help. It covers significant considerations, such as the provider’s ecosystem, OS security and the subscriptions and support available.
Learn more ›

Getting the Most from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: Comparing Two Systems Using Machinery

What can you do if you have two systems on two networks that you want to compare for potential insights into a problem? Learn how to use the Machinery functionality in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 to solve this problem by reading this article ›

Customer Spotlight: China Minsheng Bank

SUSE Helps China Minsheng Banking Corporation Cut Costs

China Minsheng Banking Corporation had to reconcile its need for cost cutting with customer demands for innovation. The bank chose SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications for its new online banking offering. In addition to gaining the high performance and reliability of the SUSE platform, the bank experienced significant savings, slashing the TCO of its IT infrastructure by 80 percent and the cost of its hardware platform for SAP HANA by 50 percent. Read the story ›

Regional News

Chicago TechSummit – February 16, 2016
More information ›

Indianapolis TechSummit – February 17, 2016
More information ›

SUSE Expert Days

Join the experts in a one-day technical event that will focus on:

  • Uptime and efficiency improvements in the data center
  • OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure
  • Software-defined Scalable Storage
  • Lightweight Virtualization with Docker Containers

Register for your city in the US or Canada now ›

  • San Diego – February 23
  • Los Angeles – February 25
  • Austin – March 1
  • Las Vegas – March 3
  • Ft. Lauderdale – March 8
  • Atlanta – March 10
  • Dallas – March 15
  • Denver – March 17
  • St. Louis – March 22
  • Cleveland – March 24
  • Ottawa – March 29
  • Toronto – March 31
  • Detroit – April 5
  • Chicago – April 7
  • Edmonton – April 12
  • Calgary – April 14
  • Nashville – April 19
  • Washington, D.C. – April 21
  • Minneapolis – May 3
  • Kansas City, KS – May 5
  • New York City – May 17
  • Boston – May 19
  • Pittsburgh – May 24

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