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Micro Focus

Adds HPE Software Division
in $8.8B Transaction

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Breaking News

Micro Focus® Continues Consolidation, Adds HPE
Software Division in $8.8B Transaction

Following a similarly structured deal that transferred its Enterprise Services business to CSC in May, Hewlett Packard Enterprise plans to sell its software division to UK-based software house Micro Focus in a deal valued at $8.8 billion. As with the CSC deal, HPE shareholders retain just over 50% of the equity, but Micro Focus will be in charge. The transaction will create a pure-play software house worth approximately $4.5 billion, more than three times the size of the current Micro Focus. Read more

SUSE Primed for Continued Growth via Micro Focus Merger with Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Software Business Segment and Alliance with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

SUSE parent Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO.L) announced its intent to merge with HPE’s Software Business Segment in a transaction valued at approximately $8.8 billion. The merger of Micro Focus and HPE Software creates one of the world’s largest pure-play software companies, operating at a scale that allows for continued and increasing investment in SUSE. It will create an ideal foundation for SUSE’s long-term growth, allowing SUSE to continue to pursue its vision of bringing together open source technology and quality partnerships to provide software-defined infrastructure that meets customer needs. Read more

SUSE Linux Enterprise Provides Operating Environment for SAP HANA, Express Edition

SUSE and HPE are delivering a Scalable Object Storage Solution with SUSE Enterprise Storage, allowing customers to effectively manage their data storage challenges at massive scale. The solution is supported on HPE storage-optimized Apollo servers and HPE general-purpose ProLiant servers. The solution enables customers to transform their enterprise storage infrastructure, delivering highly scalable and resilient storage that is fully supported, cost efficient and able to adapt to changing business and data demands. Read more


SUSECON: Define Your Future

Are you ready for the software-defined future? Learn how you can build a flexible, open infrastructure that enables you to operate more efficiently, innovate faster and rapidly adapt to business needs.

Register for SUSECON November 7–11, 2016.

SUSE Webinar Channel

SUSE Webinar HPC

Keeping Pace with Growing High Performance Computing Needs

As a long-time leader in Linux in High Performance Computing, SUSE is preparing for the future by enabling leading-edge technology in the operating system, supporting standardization of toolsets and interfaces, and ensuring our customers have access to the newest and best hardware and software advances available. We will discuss the latest exciting initiatives within this ecosystem—advances that will improve scalability and performance, realize faster time to value and answer the needs of future HPC systems.

Date: October 19
Presenters: Jeff Reser & Kai Dupke

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5 Critical Tips to Set Up SAP HANA High
Availability—Automating System Replication
on IBM Power Systems

Date: October 19, 1 p.m. EDT

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SUSE StandUp

Technical Deep-dive HPC

Date: October 26
Presenter: Rob Knight

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Product Developments

When It’s Business Critical, Make the Smart Move with Application Migration to SUSE

Application migration to Linux is part of the continuous improvement of your IT infrastructure, technologies and processes—driven by the high cost of proprietary platforms and software renewals (Windows, UNIX, S/390), the desire to improve data center price-performance metrics or the prospect of a critical application no longer being supported. Learn more

OpenStack Summit Sessions

OpenStack and Magnum: Kubernetes as a Service for Everyone

Application migration to Linux is part of the continuous improvement of your IT infrastructure, technologies and processes—driven by the high cost of proprietary platforms and software renewals (Windows, UNIX, S/390), the desire to improve data center price-performance metrics or the prospect of a critical application no longer being supported. Find talk information here.

Networking Approaches in the Container World

Networking has always been a complicated and delicate topic. It is even more complicated in the world of containers, where huge numbers of containers are continuously created and respawned across entire data centers. There are several container networking choices available, each with a different implementation and its own peculiarities. This talk reviews how the major Linux Container networking solutions work: their implementation details, their strengths and weaknesses and how they influence the deployment of distributed applications in both container-only environments and mixed VM-Container environments. Find talk information here.

Building an Advanced Heat Template from the Ground Up

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the building blocks and infrastructure of an OpenStack-based setup of one or more servers. Then you will assemble a Heat template step by step, highlighting debugging best practices for various common errors along the way. From there, more advanced and lesser-known but very useful heat features will be explained. Find workshop information here.

The Role of Neutron in OPNFV

OPNFV is gaining more traction every day. However, the concepts are not always easy to understand, there are a lot of new acronyms, and there are still many moving pieces and unanswered questions regarding its relationship with OpenStack (specifically around Neutron). In this talk, we will provide answers to these questions. We will start with an introduction of OPNFV: its scope, the differences with OpenStack and the value it provides. Then we will describe the role of Neutron and associated projects in OPNFV, configurations and the most common use cases. We will illustrate how OPNFV and Neutron interact, focusing on key features such as vlan-aware-vms. We will also explain how Neutron was built for future capability that will be needed by OPNFV. To conclude, we will highlight current gaps in Neutron from the NFV point of view and share our thoughts about future work and directions. Find talk information here.

Mainframes in the Cloud

Major enterprise customers continue to make significant investments in the mainframe to support both legacy applications and, increasingly, next gen workloads, thanks to the high levels of virtualization that the mainframe can support. In this talk, we explore the benefits of adding the mainframe to your hypervisor mix and demonstrate deploying workloads in a multi-hypervisor environment. Find talk information here.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
for SAP Applications

SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications 11 SP 4 for IBM Power Systems

Run your mission-critical SAP applications on the leading platform for SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver solutions to achieve optimized performance, reduced downtime and superior support. SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications on IBM Power Systems delivers rapid installation, reliability and scalability for data-intensive workloads.
Learn more

Do You Want a Pound of Feathers or a Pound of Gold?

There’s an old brain teaser that asks, “Which is heavier, a pound of feathers or a pound of gold?” For many people, the initial reaction is to say that “a pound is a pound,” so they must weigh the same. With a better understanding of how each is weighed, you might conclude that the feathers weigh more. This reminds us of the thought process many IT shops go through when choosing an operating system, believing that Linux is Linux, so it doesn’t matter which one they choose. Learn more

Partner Updates

Infrastructure Matters! Rely on Solutions Built on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and IBM Hardware

SUSE and IBM know how important it is to address a reliable infrastructure, setting the pace of change driven by cloud, big data, mobile, social and security. That’s why SUSE and IBM offer the proven innovation, performance and flexibility of an open infrastructure, capable of handling increasingly demanding workloads. Learn more

25 Years of Linux

Linux Celebrates its 25th Year

Happy Birthday Linux! It’s 2016, 25 years after Linus Torvalds started a personal project to create a new free operating system kernel, and now Linux is driving real innovation in some of the world’s largest and most successful enterprises, including Google, Amazon and Facebook. So how did Linux go from “just a hobby” to the fastest-growing operating system in the world? And more importantly, where will it go from here? Here’s a look at Linux throughout the years and some pretty cool birthday wishes.

New Online Store

NEW | SUSE Merchandise Store

We have great news! A few weeks ago, we launched our new SUSE Merchandise store. It is filled with cool SUSE must-haves such as t-shirts, notebooks, pens, and hats. Not to mention, you can purchase one of our most popular collector’s items: our plush Chameleons, large or small! Visit our online store now and check it out for yourself.

Customer Spotlight

Orchard Park Police Department

When the Orchard Park Police Department (in Erie County New York) decided to introduce body cameras for on-duty police officers, the department needed a storage solution that could handle the large influx of data it would receive from these cameras. SUSE Enterprise Storage met this need via an open source, software-defined storage solution that offered optimum flexibility and scalability. Read more.

UCS Solutions

As retailers seek deeper, real-time insight into their operations, IT service providers need to raise their game. To give its clients access to high-velocity analytics, UCS Solutions has built a high-performance, multi-tenanted architecture for SAP HANA, based on IBM Power servers running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. The new architecture accelerates query speeds by up to 600 percent and reduces storage requirements by 90 percent. Read more.

Changchun University of Technology

With cloud computing growing in importance for organizations of all kinds, CCUT wanted to ensure that its students gained skills in creating and running cloud services. The university is using SUSE OpenStack Cloud and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to run a private cloud that supports not only multiple test and development environments for students, but also a major online examination platform. The SUSE solutions also save floor space and reduce power consumption at CCUT. Read more.


As a managed services provider, Ctac needs to find the optimal combination of hardware and operating systems to run its clients’ applications as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. To make its managed SAP HANA service stand out from the competition in terms of performance and availability, Ctac chose IBM Power Systems servers running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. Read more.

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iTech - Vancouver



STLG/MF - NYC Technology Forum


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November 1–3

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November 17—tabletop and speaker

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