SUSE News / July 2015

SUSE Wins the
OpenStack Summit “Rule
the Stack” Competition for
the Third Straight Time

SUSE engineers deployed a complete OpenStack infrastructure in the fastest time at the recent OpenStack Summit, which is the third straight “Rule the Stack” win for SUSE. For the full story, read the announcement and blog.

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SUSECon 2015

Sessions Catalog Now Available

You can now browse the session catalog for SUSECon 2015 by clicking here + The Session Scheduler will open in early September, so now is a good time to decide what you want to learn so that you can be sure to get into the classes you want! To register, click here +

Date: November 2-6
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

SUSE Webinar Channel

If you haven’t signed up for the SUSE Webinar Channel, register now to get free access to live and recorded learning sessions that can help you use SUSE solutions like these:


On July 22 tune in to “How to Build a Private Cloud for Business-critical Applications.” Find out how to meet service-level agreements when migrating business-critical solutions to the cloud.


A mini-course on Docker that includes:

  • “How to Start Docker in SUSE Linux Enterprise 12”
  • “yast2-docker: Managing Your Docker Containers from YaST”
  • “Docker Registry: How to Keep Your Images Private”


Worldwide Events

LinuxCon/Cloud Open/ContainerCon NA

VMware World North America

Seattle, WA

San Francisco, CA

August 17-19

August 30 - September 3


Product Developments

SUSE Elevates Docker in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

SUSE has made significant enhancements to the container toolset in Docker, an open source application deployment tool that can help customers significantly improve efficiency. Now SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 fully supports Docker in production environments. Learn more +

Also, view this video to find out how SUSE customer STIA, a global wooden flooring and paneling manufacturer, is benefiting from Docker.

IDC White Paper: Using SUSE Linux to Power through Big Data

For those of you considering big data collection and analytics –and for those of you who haven’t—the IDC white paper, “Using SUSE Linux to Power Through Big Data,” can help. Download it to get an independent view of the market, the platform choices, the role of Linux and more.


What’s New in Storage

Enterprise Mass Storage for Less than a Penny per GB per Year

With the rising price of storage and the rapid growth of mass or bulk data, your organization needs a cost-effective solution. Read this TCO case study from IT Brand Pulse, "Enterprise Mass Storage: Less than a Penny per GB per Year," to discover the options and their costs.

The Decline of Traditional Enterprise Storage and the Unstoppable Rise of Software-Defined Storage

Storage technology is changing quickly and permanently. Read a thoughtful account of why this is happening, and find out why your organization needs to act accordingly so it isn’t left behind.

3 Essential Jigsaw Pieces for Enterprise Storage in the Future.

Storage growth is massive and unsustainable. What can you do about this situation? Read about 3 ways that enable you to afford the growing storage volume while avoiding vendor lock-in in this blog.

Partner Updates

Simplify Your IT Landscape with SUSE and SAP

It’s time to simplify your IT landscape so you can focus on true business innovation. Learn about customers who have achieved this goal with SUSE and SAP in-memory and data management solutions. It’s all here—just register for this webinar by clicking here.

Fail-Safe Operation of SAP HANA with SUSE and Fujitsu

Read about a Fujitsu and SUSE solution for fail-safe SAP HANA operations. Visit the Fujitsu page and then scroll down and click on “Improve Availability of SAP HANA with SUSE and Fujitsu.”

The Total Cost of Ownership of Migrating to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z

Explore the financial benefits and cost savings of moving workloads from distributed to mainframe environments by reading “The TCO of Migrating to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z” white paper. You may be in for a pleasant surprise. Read it now.

Cloud Corner

A Turning Point for OpenStack in the Enterprise

OpenStack is now enterprise ready. Yet, as with any complex system, a successful implementation requires careful planning. Read a blog that covers important considerations and more.

How Is OpenStack like Coffee?

As with coffee, you need to choose the right flavor of OpenStack to get a satisfying experience. The wrong choice could leave a bad taste in your mouth. This blog, “Choosing the Right Flavor for Your OpenStack Cloud,” provides some guidance in selecting an open source solution. Learn more +

azurectl: A New SUSE Project for Developing Azure Command Line Tools

The current SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Public Cloud module provides command-line tools to interact with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Servers and the other cloud packages. Now SUSE is developing Microsoft Azure command-line tools. For more information, click here +

SUSE Image Life Cycle for Public Cloud Deployments

SUSE has been working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft Azure teams to define a policy to treat all cloud frameworks equally from the perspective of image maintenance. To read about the evolution of this policy and get cloud-specific notes on image deployment, click here +

Customer Spotlight: Teplaren Kosice

Teplaren Kosice: Decreasing Cost and Install Times with SUSE

Teplaren Kosice, one of the largest heating suppliers in Slovakia, migrated its SAP and Oracle solutions to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in a virtualized environment on x86 processor-based systems. This allows the company to cost-effectively run its business and scale accordingly. As a result of the migration, the company cut support and hardware costs by 50% and install times from 1 day to 15 minutes. Read the entire story +

Regional News

Stop by the SUSE booth at these conferences. To get more information about each event, visit and click on the conference that interests you.

LinuxCon/CloudOpen/ContainerCon North America

Seattle, WA

August 17-19

SUSE will be a Platinum sponsor, with a keynote delivered by Michael Miller, SUSE vice president of Alliances, Marketing and Product Management.

VMware World North America

San Francisco, CA

August 30- September 3

SUSE will be an Exhibitor.

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