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SUSE as a Part of Micro Focus: Dedicated SUSE Portfolio and Other Strategies

Integration planning for the merger of SUSE and other Attachmate Group business units with Micro Focus is now complete. New strategies going forward include offering two product portfolios—one dedicated SUSE portfolio with all SUSE products and one portfolio with all the other products combined, as well as process improvements to enhance customer care. For more information, click here. ›

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SUSECon 2015

More Hands-on Training, Free Certification Exams

Come to SUSECon 2015 in Amsterdam, November 2-6. You’ll have numerous opportunities to learn how to better control your infrastructure, optimize your IT resources and innovate your IT environment. This year includes 50 percent more hands-on training. Also, the cost of SUSECon registration entitles you to take the Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) and Certified Linux Professional (CLP) exams at no extra charge. And if you register now, you receive the 25 percent discounted early bird rate on the conference cost.

Date: November 2-6
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

What’s Happening at SUSE

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 12 Now Available

SUSE has released SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 12. Customers can save time and resources, as well as benefit from improved uptime, performance and reliability, with new features such as full operating system rollback, live kernel patching and automated installation. Click here for more information.

Introducing the SUSE Monthly Webinar Series – Your Source for Enterprise Linux and Open Source Technology Innovation

SUSE is now offering an exclusive webinar channel that will provide free, unlimited webinars to customers. Tune in to get insights into and best practices for business solutions involving open source technology, OpenStack and cloud computing, software defined storage—and data center issues like downtime. Register now to take advantage of these sessions to help.

Worldwide Events

HP Discover North America

Las Vegas, NV

June 2-4

Cisco Live North America

San Diego, CA

June 7-11

Hadoop Summit

San Jose, CA

June 9-11


San Francisco, CA

June 22-23

Product Developments

Now on All Platforms: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Advanced Systems Management Module

With the recent release of the Advanced Systems Management Module on IBM zSystem and IBM Power, the module is now available on all systems. The module contains the configuration management tools cfengine and puppet, as well as Machinery 1.5. For more information on module features and capabilities, click here.

An Easy, Visual Way to Start Docker: Tips for Using the New Docker YaST Module

Recently, SUSE included a new Docker YaST module in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Docker is a lightweight virtualization solution for running multiple virtual units (containers) simultaneously on a single control host. The purpose of the new YaST module is to give a simple overview of available Docker images, run Docker containers and allow for easy manipulation of running containers. Learn how by clicking here.

What’s New in Storage

Software-defined Storage: What It Can Do for You

With the need for storage increasing and storage budgets frozen or decreasing, a migration to software-defined storage has begun. SUSE offers white papers from industry analysts to help you to understand the reasons for and benefits of this new technology trend:

  • In The Epic Migration to Software Defined Storage, industry analyst IT Brand Pulse discusses why companies are migrating, what software-defined storage is, how it compares to traditional storage and what to do to start your migration. Read it here.
  • In A Look at the Future of Storage, IT Brand Pulse explains the benefits of a software-defined storage architecture—including 40 percent lower costs and how SUSE Enterprise Storage can help you get them. Read it here.
  • In SUSE Deepens Storage Focus with First Ceph-based Offering, 451 Research evaluates the market and the new SUSE storage offering to provide help to IT decision makers. Read it here.

Partner Updates

SUSE High Availability Capabilities Enhanced for SAP HANA

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications now provides enhanced high availability (HA) capabilities for SAP HANA. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications includes components of SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension and, beginning last year, incorporated new HA capabilities: cost-effective system replication for SAP HANA to a secondary server. SUSE expanded these capabilities, adding cost-based and multi-tier automated SAP HANA system replication to the original performance-based scenario for system replication. Learn more here.

SUSE Supports “Simpler Choice” Database Program from SAP

The SAP “Simpler-Choice” Database Program provides tools and offers to simplify companies’ adoption of SAP HANA and other SAP in-memory data management solutions. SUSE complements the program by easing the migration to Linux for customers participating in the program by offering them discounts on SUSE consulting, training and premium support; free trials and discounts on SUSE Manager, SUSE Enterprise Storage and SUSE OpenStack Cloud; and availability of enterprise licensing and services agreements. Learn more.

Cloud Corner

SUSE and Infoblox: Demystifying Private Cloud Networking Challenges

If you are thinking about implementing a private cloud using OpenStack to accelerate provisioning and decrease deployment costs but are worried about the challenges, SUSE and SUSE partner Infoblox can help. Click here to read the blog “Demystifying Private Cloud Networking Challenges,” and while you’re there, access the link to listen to a SUSE-Infoblox webinar recording that explains how to eliminate the challenges.

The Public Cloud Module: A Closer Look

Why did SUSE introduce modules in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12? What is the benefit of the Public Cloud Module to users of the public cloud? Find answers to these questions, get a closer look at its features and capabilities, and learn what “continuous integration” means in this SUSE Conversation.

Customer Spotlight

SUSE Delivers Healthy Benefits for Rusan Pharma, Including 40 Percent Lower Costs

To sell its pharmaceutical products globally, Mumbai-based Rusan Pharma needed a platform capable of meeting the compliance requirements of each country where it wanted to expand, as well as global industry requirements while powering business expansion. It chose SAP ERP systems running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and the SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension. The results: 40 percent lower costs than with other platforms and no downtime in 2.5 years. Read the story.

STIA Holzindustrie Boosts Operational Efficiency While Cutting Costs 10 Percent with SUSE

An Austrian manufacturer of wood flooring and panels, STIA Holzindustrie wanted to increase operational efficiency and maintain growth without raising costs. By migrating its business-critical systems to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, it achieved 99 percent availability for key applications, reduced monthly patching time by half and decreased system administration time to cut costs by 10 percent. Read the story.

What the Experts Say

A Reminder: What SUSE Support Can Do for You

For those without SUSE Support, here’s a closer look at what it has to offer and what it can do to make your life easier. Get more information here.

Regional News

Stop by the SUSE booth at these conferences. To get more information on each event, visit and click on the conference that interests you.

HP Discover North America

Las Vegas, NV

June 2-4

Cisco Live North America

San Diego, CA

June 7-11

Hadoop Summit

San Jose, CA

June 9-11


San Francisco, CA

June 22-23

AWS Summit

New York City, NY

July 9

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