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Although SUSECon 2013 is just over, SUSE is ending the calendar year with a flurry of activity in November and December. Here’s the product, partner, and customer news plus upcoming events.

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Breaking News: SUSECon 2013

A bigger-than-before SUSECon 2013—with 89 breakout session in 20 tracks—ended on November 15. Check out www.susecon.com where you will soon find highlights like keynote presentations and videos.

SUSE Face-to-Face: Events Worldwide

SUSE will be participating in the following worldwide events in November and December:

SUSE and Partner Breakfast Tour Nov. 5 through Dec. 5 in Germany. There is still time to sign up and attend in these cities:

  • SUSE and Protosoft AG, Nov. 20, Gemmering/Munich
  • SUSE and dass IT GmbH, Nov. 28, Cologne
  • SUSE and Linuxland, Nov. 28, Nuremberg
  • SUSE and Protosoft AG, Dec. 5, Berlin

SUSE Open Forum—Asia Pacific, Nov. 28 through Feb.27 in selected cities:

  • Tokyo, Japan Nov. 28

Stay tuned for more SUSE Open Forum events in 2014.

Other worldwide events:

Product Developments

  • New Multi-IFL Pricing and Promotion for SUSE on IBM System z Business Class Servers. SUSE has announced an extension of the Multi-IFL Pricing Model for IBM System z Business Class Servers (SUSE PA 7850, SUSE PA 7851) and an extra pricing promotion (SUSE PA 7852, SUSE PA 7853) supporting the newly released IBM zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12). Learn more.
  • SUSE Cloud and OpenStack—What’s Next? With SUSE Cloud 2.0 successfully launched, what’s next for SUSE Cloud and for OpenStack and what is the future relationship between the two? Learn more.

Partner Update:

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Now Available from Amazon Web Services’ Free Usage Tier. Now you can give SUSE Linux Enterprise a free trial run on Amazon EC2, a proven public cloud, for 750 hours. For more information or to get started with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Amazon EC2 for free, click here.

SUSE Signs OEM Agreement with Inspur. SUSE has signed an OEM agreement with Inspur, the leading Chinese server company and the 5th largest server provider in the world. Under the agreement, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server will become the only Linux operating system available with Inspur servers. Learn more.

Partners SUSE and Hitachi—Powering SAP HANA. For IT groups who want to leverage their SAP environment with SAP HANA, Hitachi has a new solution running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP. The recently announced Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for SAP HANA extension ties individual compute servers together within the Hitachi Compute Blade chassis so that they appear as a single node to both the SUSE OS and the SAP HANA functionality that’s running on SUSE Linux Enterprise. The newly released SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications Service Pack 3 has further improvements for SAP environments. Learn more.

Customer Spotlight: Ciclum Farma

When Portugal mandated that new generic drugs cost at least 50% lower than their brand equivalents, Ciculum Farma, a part of the STADA Group, moved to maintain profitability and tight control over operations. With SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension for their SAP ERP applications, they reduced operating costs by 50% and achieved 100% availability in the first 9 months. Read the story.

Regional News

Talk in person to SUSE this fall at several events:

  • SuperComputing 2013. Denver, CO, Nov. 17-22  Visit SUSE in booth 30.
  • I/ITSEC. Orlando, FL, Dec. 2-5 Join us in booth 660. Then on December 4, 11:30 am, be sure to attend the presentation by Adam Morgan, Federal Account Executive, on how Federal customers can use open source tools, including Linux as the operating system, to create, maintain and grow their simulation and modeling environments.
  • Gartner Data Center Las Vegas, NV, Dec. 9-12
  • AFCEA International Vienna, VA, Dec. 20

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