May 2018

Software-defined Infrastructure Made Easy!

You’ve heard the benefits of moving to a software-defined infrastructure (SDI). In fact, you’re probably one of the 95% of IT execs that agreed SDI was the future of the data center. But you also know that getting there is well—hard. The technology is new and skills are difficult to find. And when you […]Read More ›

SUSE Announces Cloud Foundry Certification of SUSE Cloud Application Platform

Great news! SUSE today announced that SUSE Cloud Application Platform has achieved recognition by the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a Certified Cloud Foundry Application Runtime distribution. So why is this great news? With this certification, SUSE introduces choice into a market previously served by a single vendor. Now, enterprises looking for a certified, pure-play […]Read More ›

HPE and SUSE Talk Data Management for HPC/AI Workloads

With the data growth that customers are seeing in their HPC/AI workloads, they need an effective data management strategy. HPE Data Management Framework (DMF) is an […]Read More ›

Welcome to the Linux Family: Microsoft Announces Azure Sphere

In 2014, when Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft, one of the first things to be announced was in that, in fact “Microsoft Loves Linux.” I’m sure no one from the Linux community scoffed at that keynote, right? Naysayers have been quieted, the growth of Linux adoption tied to the Azure cloud platform has […]Read More ›

It’s All Coming Together for Arm in High Performance Computing

Creating a new computing platform is a colossal effort. It requires a new hardware architecture, processor design, processor fabrication, system design, operating system enablement and finally, application enablement. Historically, introducing a new computing platform was only attempted by large companies with the resources to attempt all of those tasks. Even then, most new platforms fail […]Read More ›

The Importance of Application Portability

I have to rant a little bit. Recently I was involved in a conversation about the wonders of devops and how it was changing the concerns of IT. The conversation spawned from the growing importance of cloud providers and the impact they are having on enterprises of every size and across industries. Specifically, with the high-quality services the cloud […]Read More ›

Scale Forever with Software-defined Storage from SUSE and HPE

No matter your industry, data storage is likely becoming an issue. You need near-real-time access to different kinds of data, and it must be flexible, with intuitive administration and an affordable total cost of ownership. Traditional on-premises solutions are expensive to manage and don’t scale easily. And cloud storage, while attractively priced on entry, can […]Read More ›

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Beta – SUSE Package Hub for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Now Available!

SUSE Package Hub for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 now available online via SUSE Customer Center! This means that you can now add the SUSE Package Hub online repositories to your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Beta. And start installing and testing your favorite community packages on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Beta! To do so, on a registered SUSE Linux Enterprise Server […]Read More ›

The Way We Build SUSE Cloud Application Platform

If you’re reading this, you probably know what PaaS and Cloud Foundry are. You probably also know that SUSE has its own flavor of Cloud Foundry. But what’s different in this flavor of ours? First, let me mention that we haven’t removed any functionality – we support everything that upstream does. Everything that’s supposed to be […]Read More ›

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